Sunday, June 20, 2010

Write That Down #19

Last year, I posted flyers on the houses out on Fire Island, and help set up the underwear party with my payment being a stay at Daniel Nardicio's place. This past Friday morning I had to get up to help set up for Broadway Bares with my payment being a general admission ticket to the show. This morning I am volunteering to help set up for Folsom Street East with my payment as free entry to the event.
Being a part of all of these things are considered by quite a few to be "cool". Well, I recently had a revelation about how much hard work I had to put in in order to experience these things.

As Friday morning approached for me to go to Roseland Ballroom to help set up for Broadway Bares XX, I realized that on the rare occasion that I get in free somewhere, it's because of my loyalty to the promoter, or the person working the door taking note of my loyalty because we've worked together in the past. But while in my case, my free pass is obviously earned, there are those others that you see at parties and events who have done nothing of the kind to be in good with those people. We all know the type - those guys you see at the club party or event getting VIP treatment who get in for free and getting swag almost everywhere they go because they got some "connection". A connection that we all know was born out of them either using, sucking, or fucking their way through the proper channels. And because of that, these people take these experiences for granted. Why? Because they're young, dumb, and full of cum....and not necessarily their own cum either.

In the meantime, what does my hard work get me. JUST a free pass, maybe a free drink, and not one bit of swag. If I want a gift, the cashier says to me...."That will be X amount of dollars, please."

The short version of all of these emotions can best be shortened into my latest "Wrte That Down" quote:

From spending time on Fire Island to going to Broadway Bares, every "cool" place and event I've ever went to, even with a proper connection in play....I had to ACTUALLY WORK for that experience. And I take great pride in that. For I'm not one of these overgrown kids who have used, sucked and/or fucked their way to those connections and freebies. Hence why I don't take these experiences for granted.

So with all that I said before, along with that pride, it may seem like I'm complaining, and by some being greedy and ungrateful. And to a point, I am complaining, but I am by no means being greedy or ungrateful, even though I am well aware that most of the aforementioned are charity events. Because while I'm glad to work for the experience, since it is the right thing to do, one should be given more incentive like swag and/or VIP treatment for doing the right thing. For after seeing all those people that use, suck, and fuck their way up the ladder getting rewards and reminders, in most people, that pride that I hold on to will fade without a memento to show that it was worth it. It may very well be the reason why some events lose volunteers.

It's something to think about.

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