Saturday, June 5, 2010

To Marc, Eddie & Scott...WTF?!

While I may have gotten a good deal of my start in the porn industry through them, I am going to be brutally honest in saying that ethnic porn companies are one of these most down-right exploitive of their models. They make a shit load of money because of their often lower price DVDs that may actually make them turn just as good a profit as mainstream studios overpriced DVDs. And when I say "just as good a profit", I mean in dollar amounts after production costs. The problem is that with ethnic porn studios, the models see no where near as much of that profit in the pay they get for their work as what mainstream studios pay their models. And what makes this exploitation worse is that the aforementioned action makes it slavery in the year 2010, especiallly since most ethnic porn studios are owned by Whites.

With that in mind, then can someone -
namely Marc Williams, Eddie Diaz, and Scott Alexander
make me understand the logic behind being Black porn actors who made a name for yourselves by working with more mainstream companies deciding to work with these ethnic porn companies. For they exploit these Black males who live such stereotypical lives by having an overload of street-smarts, that they have no smarts about life to see that they are being exploited.

If any of you reading this know any of these 3 performers, please forward this blog post to them. Thank you.

I have repeatedly said that I, myself had never wanted to do ethnic-themed porn. But because the racist views of porn producers about Blacks makes them close-minded to the thought of a Black man being a bottom . However, with the exception of Owen Hawk casting me in "69 Fuck Street", and Ben Marksman casting me in "All Out Assault", in order to make any kind of name for myself in the industry, I had no choice but to do ethnic-themed porn.

What made me address this matter is a posting on MOC Blog about Diesel Washington's posting on his blog about an angry reader complaining about his lack of sexual scene with Black males. Diesel revealed something that I have long suspected, and was wondering was it just me. Diesel said that the ethnic studios want to pay him too far below his rate. In my comment to that MOC Blog posting I re-told of my own such encounter with Big City Video. The main portion of my comment reads as follows:

If Diesel won't name a name, I will. Such happened to me with Big City Video. After doing at least 6 of my 8 movies (which by this point put my number of scenes and scene partners in double-digiits), Big City Video offered me the same mere $200 they offer any newcomer. While I may not have been as big a name as Diesel, I still deserved more than what one would pay a newcomer. They even had the fuck-faced audacity to catch an attitude when I said that I didn't want the scene partner they tried to pair me with.

So with that in mind, I am now wondering why is it that Black porn stars like Marc Williams, Eddie Diaz, and Scott Alexander working for companies like Pitbull Productions, Inc. Are they getting paid anywhere near the same rate they were getting paid by the mainstream porn companies? And if you are not, then why are they doing it?

There are some reasons that I have come up with as to why:
1)You're trying to avoid being called "sell-outs", like you seen some do to Diesel Washington. So you do this to appear that you're staying true to your "blackness". If you guys really believe that, then you don't seem to realize that doing "thug" porn to stay true to your "blackness" is the same as being the true definition of the word "nigger". Because it's STUPID! I do nothing to stay true to my "blackness". All that I do, I do to stay true to my HUMANITY. For following that credo, you can't help but do right by your fellow man no matter what color they are. So if staying true to your "blackness" is your reason, that also tells me;
2) Your real personalities are that of the negative stereotypcial Black male, and you've been putting your real personalities aside for the "almighty dollar", because there was more money in doing so. I personally have never been that stereotype, and have no intentions of returning to portraying it. I want better for myself. So if that's not the reason, then could it be;
3) You are so desperate to keep that porn spotlight flashing on you that you've lowered themselves to take any bone thrown at you. THAT is a scary thought. Because like I told myself from the moment I decided to get into the porn industry, "Don't crave that spotlight too much that you lower your standards, because after all, it's just porn."

I did at one point ignore my own advice by back-peddling. I was going to work with B.C. Productions, just for the sake of keeping my name floating around. But while I did my part of attending parties, and making scheduled phone calls, I found my time wasted by them, which is UNACCEPTABLE. And YES, I am calling them out on it. If I can call out Lucas Entertainment for wasting my time, you know I have no problem doing so with a 2-bit company housed near my old neighborhood of Bed-Stuy Brooklyn when it was big-time ghetto. That's was my wake-up call, and I never back-peddled again, and have since refused offers that did so either by their low offer of money and/or racially pigeon-holing content.

Let's consider the possiblity that you are making the same money you were making with the more mainstream studios. In that case, then it's the negative Black stereotype of "thugs" that you are now making yourselves a part of that's the problem. You were much more admirable for doing the opposite as the body of work amassed by Eddie Diaz and Marc Willaims-of-before is what I looked up to at one time. The truth is any Black male worth a damn is more satisfied with your previous work than the work you are doing now. So going this "thug" route, no matter how much money they are paying you makes you a sell-out. Not to the Black community, but more yourselves.

Also, seeking that kind of approval is like kids in high school. So you lower yourself into playing into the highest promoted, yet lowest negative stereotype there is of Black males in gay porn, when all of your previous work made you trailblazers in making young Black males wanting to get into the porn industry to aim higher?

Oh, mature! Very mature....NOT!

Now, if I'm wrong about ANY conclusion or theory I have made here, then clue me in. And I'll be man enough to write a retraction. Thank you.

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