Tuesday, June 15, 2010


If you recall my dance video from last summer, "Tre Xavier - Touch/So Much Betta", then you may also recall my dedication at the end to the one and only, Michael Jackson. Dedication that shows how my stance in my photo on the right was no accident. Since my retirement from porn I have started talking more and more about my talents as a mainstream performer that I hid from public display during my time in porn.

What's funny about this video is that it was made a few months before I decided to no longer pursue being in the porn movies. I look back now as this video was my subconscience telling me, "It time". A sign that I was destined for more, and distance myself from becoming another porn statistic by either escorting, being a kept boy and/or drug addict, and/or committing suicide. A fate many present porn heros are destined for OR are already living.

The reason I bring this the fact of these porn tragedies is because when I originallly thought to write this post, it was going to be quite short with a couple of videos to show how Michael Jackson's talent has always been lurking in me as an inspration, as some of my dance moves in that video are a clear sign of that. However, after a recent debate in the comments of the blog, Chronicles of Pornia, it is quite obvious that showing my artistic talents after being in porn has made me the envy of some, maybe even a great many. So much so that someone disagreeing with my point of view tried to not only insult me, but my most recent project as a whole, the gay soap opera pilot, "16th & 8th". Out of the sheer envy that I've taken myself away from becoming a statistic like this person's porn hero, who is most likely a kept boy.

Well, being the stubborn Aries that I am, I'm letting nothing (or no one) get me down, which is probably partly why I maintain such a youthful look and energy that makes many not realize that the big 4-0 is just around the corner for me - with no Botox required. Meanwhile this person who tried to insult me, is either there already and it's obvious, or he's young living a life where it will be obvious soon enough . So I'm still inspired by talents like Michael Jackson's to move forward with my performance endeavors, unleashing my talents onto an unsuspecting world.

Since Michael Jackson's death, there have been unreleased songs cropping up. Many can be found on YouTube. With that in mind, I made a playlist of some of them with plans to add more as they become available. There is one dance track that is so classic Michael that I can't get it out of my head. So check this out:....

Now, check out the entire playlist of "Michael Jackson - UNRELEASED".

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