Friday, June 18, 2010

In Lust With....SeXy_PaPi_911

This is a 1st. I am so in lust with someone that I've seen on XTube that I've had to write about him.

His screenname on XTube is SeXy_PaPi_911.

Initially, his picture reminded me of my best on-camera fuck, Favian Gotti from "The Interview", so I had to see what was the deal with this guy. Because I already figured that sex with people who look alike tends to create close to the same sexual chemistry. With Favian Gotti, the chemistry was so great for me that I forgot I was on a porn set, and even after the director said "Cut"....for Favian, it kept him still dipping his dick into my ass.
Keeping that my theory about sexual chemistry with look-alikes in mind, that would mean that a fuck between me and SeXy_PaPi_911 would be CRAZY HOT with me as a bottom to him as a top. BUT with SeXy_PaPi_911's video screaming "bottom", it makes me want to do some research as to whether or not that sexual chemistry changes when the roles of who's the top and who's the bottom reverse.

SeXy_PaPi_911's collection of videos screaming "bottom" is by no means a bad thing.

With videos like that, it's obviosuly not a bad thing. Can you imagine him doing that jiggle while your dick is in him? I can, and I'm sure it will make the fuck that much hotter. I would just love to see his dick though. And he does show it to us in one of his (at this point) 17 videos, which includes a cumshot that I would love to show the cum-pig I am by wearing and/or tasting his thick man-milk.

I love playing with a guy's cock when I'm fucking him, and a nice dick like his gives me more to play with, and while I can't tell from the video whose cock is bigger, it may possibly break the pre-conceived rules that the guy with the bigger dick is the top, and I LOVE breaking those kind of rules. Just as I would LOVE to fuck SeXy_PaPi_911. In fact, I would come out of my retirement from porn to play with that dick while giving bounce-inducing pounds to that juicy ass of his.

Now if he was to decide to top, he would be more than welcome to do the same to mine. After all, I have been known to make a good number of bottoms once seeing my ass in the flesh decide to experiment with being a top. And I must say that they come out doing quite well.

Either way, as being his bottom self or experimenting with being a top, I believe it's quite obvious....SeXy_PaPi_911 and I should hook up so we can fuck long and hard.


  1. Sorry Tre you're far from Papi's type even if he weren't a bottom. Boys ass is unbelievable. He's Detroit's finest.

  2. Normally Anonyomous, I would have deleted your comment due to your illiteracy to leave your name.

    As for your remark, if I'm so not his type....then why do I have his number?

  3. Well damn looks like he got you there...

    I hate people who leave negative comments on topics that have absolutely nothing to do with them

    As far as resemblence goes: Yes!!! I see it, and damn they both could get it...


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