Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tré Xavier's Stage & Video Show

ractically all performers have performers before them that inspire them. To the point that if the opportunity to pay homage to them arises, they are more than willing to do a cover of one or many of that artist's songs. And I am no different, which is why I made a playlist of songs that I would love to do just that very thing with.

These songs' lyrics collectively embody all that you've come to know of me by way of this blog - my romance, my sexuality, my humanity, and my spirituality. You may notice that the 1st half emphasizes my romance and sexuality, while the 2nd half emphaszies my humanity and spirituality.

The original title of the playlist was "Tre Xavier's Stage Show", but I added "& Video" when I realized that a couple of the songs I picked weren't songs I desired to perform a rousing verson of on stage, but in a music video. Those songs are:

In The Closet - I've always felt that video wasn't as sexy as the lyrics suggest. I would have upped the ante on the sexuality, having censors on edge, but still tame enough to be aired on network television; and
Sweet Reunion - Perfect song for a music video that should use dancers doing classic Jazz and Latin dance moves, maybe in a period and/or tropic setting.

2 things you can take away from this playlist is that (1) I'm a big fan of Prince, and (2) like my taste in men and sexual kinks, I am by no means a creature of habit when it comes to my taste in music.

So enjoy the revelation.

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