Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting Out The Kinks: Undies, Skivvies & Teeny Weenie Bikinis

For those of you that have ever seen me at a pants-optional party, sex party, any kind of contest that requires me to drop trou, or even at a pool party, then you may have noticed that I always wear some eye-catching underwear or swimwear.

It's because I have a kink for it.

The reason I haven't blogged about this kink before is because it's nothing new. But I realized that while the kink itself may not be new, explaining the details about what makes it a kink for me may be new to many of you, as my explanations have been in the past.

I've mentioned before how I love the sight of cock. A good-looking man's dick is one I want to take in either one of my orifices the second I lay eyes on it, regardless of whether it's hard or flaccid. Yes, I said even when it's flaccid. I so wish I could do away with the wait for his cock to get hard so he could get inside my ass, but that wait is the price one pays for having a tight hole. A price I'll gladly pay if that tightness is what makes me able to name my suitor's cock, Mr. Happy.

What underwear does is provide a hiding place for Mr. Happy. Any sight of a guy in his form-fitting underwear or swimwear, we can only assume as to whether or not he's a grower or shower, as I did with the hottie I hooked up with at that recent sex party. For we never know for sure unless we have a chance at that intimate moment with him to get an unveiling. Isn't that why we've beaten off to a gazillion underwear catalogs in our lifetime?

With that in mind, I've come to realize that no matter how tiny or revealing one's underwear or swimwear might be, if you want to see that guy's cock and/or ass, you still yearn for the sight of those underwear or swimwear gone from his body. For even the tiniest of thongs is still an obstruction to seeing the beauty of the human form.

So when you get off on seeing a guy in his form-fitting underwear or swimwear, what you are really getting off on is the fact that you are subjecting ourselves to ---- a mere tease. A sweet taste of things to come ---- if you should be so lucky.

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