Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Passing Lessons

esterday, I posted this tweet on Twitter, which is connected to my Facebook profile:

What a blog-worthy weekend! Epiphanies striking me, fun with friends, and sex that got better with each day, BUT I'm not blogging about it.

A reply I got from one of my friends on Facebook was, "Why the hell not?"

I know his reply to my update was comical, but I'm sure many have come to think of my life as an open book, and I'm more than aware that I've made it appear that way. However, the truth is there are some things best kept to yourself, and I needed the smile that I'm wearing right now after my friend, Andrew's passing.

And speaking of passing, while they are over 95% no cause for smile, it can bring a smile to your face to make what you feel is a nice tribute to one's passing. In the entertainment world, recently was that of Boyzone member, Stephen Gately.

I've mention before having some degree of psychic abilities. What I didn't mention is that I get quite a few signs regarding the entertainment industry.I had one of these psychic moments over the weekend on the subway train when the video for their song, "Love You Anyway" flashed in my brain. I know what all the guys look like, but the only clear face I could remember was that of Stephen Gately. What was also strange about that thought was that it was unprovoked. I wasn't listening to any music, nor did I have my iPod or any kind of music-listening device in my ears, in my hand to connect to my ears, or even plans on listening to music. And I couldn't help wondering why that was the case. Now, I know.

To back track on another passing, yesterday I heard Michael Jackson's 1st posthumous single, "This Is It". I quite enjoyed it, as I am a Michael Jackson fan, and was glad to hear something from him that I never heard before. I hope you will enjoy it as well.

This is starting off as a week to be quite emotionally moving. May these passings and the music they left behind be a reminder of how we should cherish one another while we are alive, because like it or not, we are all connected.


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