Thursday, October 15, 2009

Addressing the Nardicio controversy on MOC Blog

Hello again,

Twice in 1 day. My earlier post was a sexy and comedic educational tale, now I must lead you to a bit of drama with a couple of links so you can get the full story.

A controversy recently erupted at MOC Blog because of a post about a contest by Daniel Nardicio for NYC's Hottest Bartender. The controversy stemmed from the fact that of the 2 images below given by Daniel to promote the contest, niether of them featured a man of color.

If you look at the link and the comments, you will see some readers were not very happy with this. Understandable, especially considering how MOC Blog is a site that mainly caters to men of color and their admirers. Knowing of my past with Daniel, Victor Hoff, the author of MOC Blog asked me to offer some insight on the matter, and based on the anti-Daniel commentary from one reader at this follow-up link, I had to reply. My comment was becoming so long that I felt the need to take advantage of my position of being listed as a contributor on MOC Blog. And the link below is what came out of it.

MOC Blog: What You Say - Reader Feedback II by Tré Xavier

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