Sunday, October 4, 2009

DP Me Plea #3

My HOT NY readers, I am quite disappointed in you.

I have written a couple of posts already about how I want to try to experiment with being a double-penetration bottom. I even followed Daniel Nardicio's advice and wrote a post that included my email address from my now defunct website, to accomplish this ....still no New York takers.

And all you guys who don't live in New York, but visit here looking for a hot lay during your stay, don't think you're off the hook either. You come to New York with a lover or friend-with-benefits looking for a 3-way, and you forget all about me. Even after all your emails and comments on my videos and social sites show that you're sure I can provide a good lay. Shame on you! I am now hurt and dismayed :-(

The only replies from guys willing to be one of the DP tops are hot guys from overseas, including my past trick from "French Kiss, Big Bliss". And from what I said of that sexscapade, considering how big (but surprisingly easy) an undertaking he was alone, I don't think 2 would be so easy, as it was tried some time after with 2 other thick cocks to no avail, because I was mentally prepared for a 3-way, but not one including a DP. But I would be willing to give another go at it. Then again maybe it would be easy, because I've always believed that my willingness to take on the French guy's monster cock is how it took him only 2 tries to get in me. I've had less thick scene partners who needed more than twice that many tries.

Now, I've had a brief moment as a DP top, so I know how hot it can be, so what the hell are you waiting for? You have a versatile/bottom here in NYC willing to at least try to take 2 of you studs on simultaneously. You know I have my misgivings about Americans being prudish. Please don't give me more ammo to make me able to close my case. Considering when in my search for clips of double-penetration to bring some heat to this post, and most of them found being from non-American produced porn, I'm not too far from making the closing of my case official.

Is that what it's come to, America? Do I have to wait for 2 hot and kinky tourists from overseas to come and do what I'm sure any American male hottie can? After all, no matter where on the globe you're from, you do use your sex-cravin' dick to define you as a male, don't you? Or do I need to get on a plane taking me outside the country in order to get 2 moist, lubed-up cocks rubbing against each other while being tied together by my stretched out (for a night) craving hole?

OK guys, this is my 3rd plea for a double-penetration. They say the 3rd times a charm, and the number 3 isn't usually very lucky for me. So why don't a couple of you guys help prove my superstition about the number 3 wrong. Now considering how seldom I am wrong in what I say here, wouldn't it help your getting off to be one of the few and the proud people who can make me wrong by double-pleasuring me?

Think about it ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Oh Tré!
    THE moment I get a trip to NYC, you're getting a call!


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