Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tré Xavier - Motivational Fucker

I've long realized that at a lot on my trips to sex parties, or parties in general, that once I get started, all the wallflowers are wallflowers-no-more.

This has been the case for me since I first came out and started going to Splash to dance. On Saturday nights, I would get there early enough to see when they transform the bar into a club by moving all the tables. See a few people go on the dancefloor dancing aimlessly. Watching this made me less anxious to dance, and as much as I love dancing, it's sad when people take that joy away from you. So I had to go into my own zone and feel it, tuning everyone else out. Then the mood to stop standing on the sidelines, and hit the dancefloor would hit me. What I started to see after a few weeks was that after a few minutes of me on the floor, a bunch of people hit the dancefloor at once.

Before you go there, this is not arrogance. I've watched this closely enough that I can tell you that at the time I hit the dancefloor, few enough people were on the floor that I would know if someone left or entered. And I can testify that some left, but no one entered until the crowd came in all at once - after I had been dancing for a few minutes. Hence how I've concluded that I must give off an energy to draw people in.

This ability to draw people in has followed me from the dancefloor then, to the sex parties now. Even as recent as my last post on sex party etiquette, I seem to be in the pair or group that motivates everyone else. I also did it at the indoor pool party, Banya where I made out with a guy in the jacuzzi, while everyone else was looking and wanting to approach each other, yet being wallflowers. By the time me and my playmate left the jacuzzi, practically everyone was either making out, or making their way to the guy who tickled their fancy, so they could make out with him.

I was wondering if any sex parties have a position like "Motivational Fucker". I believe they do, as I have in the past back when I was doing porn, was invited to the All Male Party that I spoke of in my old blog with that purpose in mind of getting things rolling. I got free entry into the party because of it. And believe me, I am by no means knockin' the free entry, BUT I would like to know is if any parties pay for it instead of giving one free entry. Because if that were the case, I would make myself available to every hot gay and bi sex party in the city. Considering my aforementioned rep at sex parties, I think I should. Not just because of my need for a job, but to think about the process in making that job go off without a hitch would make the gig a thrill from the start.

First, I would get a hot guy who I know wants to have sex with me, and is man enough to not have a specific type, for they know as I do that VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE, plus it makes them easier to become playmates with the patrons. Therefore, our job is to be the first to pair off and/or start a group, and get the sex party started. Making all the wallflowers peel themselves off the wall and get some. If not from us, then with whoever catches their eye. Seeing myself get the party started would be the fuck with my "partner in crime" all the more exhilarating.

I have so many people I would choose to take along with me for a gig like this, I would go from being Motivational Fucker, then quickly promoted to Star Fucker in no time. My buddy from "Live On Stage....FUCKING!" would definitely be considered a partner for the job. My name would become synonymous with starting the freakiness at sex parties. That is....if it isn't already. Because as you may have read here already, I've done some wild shit.

And if you haven't read, I'll leave now to start with this slideshow in doing some naughty research.


  1. Hi, isn't there a compilation available of your best bottom scenes? Ur one hot bottom bitch and i'm crazy about/for it. u kiss good too, so? Am i lost? A fan from belgium

  2. Hi Ricci,

    Thanks for the compliment.

    The compilation you're talking about can be found here:

  3. yeah but that's only a five minutes video, i'd like the whole thing babe ur too good for a trailer.

  4. actually what happened to dudevu? Is it really gone?


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