Saturday, October 10, 2009

The L XTreme Sex Mix

I feel I needed to make up for some erotic posts for 2 reasons:
(1) 2 weekends straight of delaying your horny posts, and
(2) writing so much harsh reality for you to absorb this past week. Even though it was necessary and truthful, and regardles of how some people want to bury their heads in the sand about those matters. And you know who you are.

So while I am back on track in giving you a horny Friday post, which I hope you enjoyed, thanks to a Facebook post from English rap artist QBoy of a sexy music mix, I decided to do my own and share it with you.

When I looked at QBoy's song list, I realized that on the occasions I've had guys over,the music I played music was always New Age music. It's good for the mood, and the only voices you hear are you and your partner(s). However, being I have also been a songwriter, I like words in my songs to both set the mood, and keep up the momentum in whatever I do - and that includes sex. The reason I never did use music with lyrics before is because I was too lazy to put a playlist together, even though it was a constant thought and creative desire of mine.

Well, here it is. Check out the song list from the covers, and see if you anticipate enjoying it. If you do, then feel free to click the link below and download.

Play SAFE & ENJOY ;-)

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