Monday, September 29, 2008

Sexy Light To Medium, Now To Dark

It was bound to happen at some point, but I seem to be finding more and more Black men attractive. I have often expressed in this blog my combating my own racism brought on by the stereotypical Black guys I grew up around, so at first the chance of my being attracted to another Black man was slim to none. It has since evolved to where I am attracted to Black men of my tone and lighter, and I can easily explain why.

I have said often how porn can influence our attractions, or the type of person we seek out. I've come to realize that while I try to make myself be my only influence, I in a way fell victim to letting porn influence my attractions. The typical gay White American (who is usually influenced by porn) seem to overlook the light to medium complexioned Black men because they're not the dark-skinned, muscular, and bald Black man they see in porn videos by major studios that features Black actors like Diesel Washington, Jason Tiya, or Brian Bodine. While I will firsthand admit these guys are attractive, I personally have no sexual interest in their type. And the reason for that is because the studios that feature them have used ONLY their type so often that they've come to be in my eyes, for lack of a better word - generic.

Being generic is what has caused my boredom with most Amercian-made porn. Remember this statemtnt from one of my guest blogs for Men Of Color Blog:
"Unfortunately, the American porn buying public has been put in a rut of buying the same thing over and over again. I mean, how many times can you watch the same type of White guys fuck before it gets boring? Even if you occasionally throw in the same type of buffed and bald Black guy, it still gets boring."
My making that staement is a clear testament as to how I don't care much for any that can be considered generic or too common. So the way porn influneced my being attracted to dark-skinned Black men is by way of an adverse effect. Because while I was trying to open myself up to accept Black men from light to dark, the major studios bored me so much with the generic illusion of dark-skinned being the only sexy Black man that I only grew to be attracted to light to medium complexioned Black men as a way of rebeling, because when you bore me, it is my nature is to rebel. And to a degree, that was be a good thing, because it allowed me to show I was strong-minded enough to even subconsciously be aware that contrary to what major studios show, sexiness can be found throughout the entire rainbow of Black skin color.

My not entertaining the sexiness of dark-skinned Black men recently changed. I came across some DVDs of recent releases from FlavaWorks, and I was immensely turned on. In the back of my mind I realized something was different about this time in regards to what was turning me on. Then it hit me - I was being turned on by a variety of guys in the movies. From every color in the Black male rainbow - not just light to medium complexions, but dark as well. I was lusting for someone of every shade.

Whether they be one of the Black or Latino guys from one of the feature, Dorm Life 13,

or even the hott White guy, Tony Michaels from the trailer for "Saukei 2 You".

I was lusting for them all. And I was glad to see that in myself. It meant that I finally became more racially open to all shades of my fellow Black men. I had undid the damage from the boredom that most major American gay porn studios made me feel, thereby igniting the rebellious part of me.

Now my objective is to do a scene with a dark-skinned Black man that I'm actually attracted to, because as you may recall Double R couldn't fill that bill for me, nor did my scene partner from "The Booth". So know that the next time you see me with a dark-skinned Black guy, it will at long last be a Black man I find desirable, and no one who was just thrown upon me. Watch for it.

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  1. Interesting piece as always Tre. Have you see seen Jovonnie in action? I don't know which studios/sites he's worked for but his videos are all over - I strongly advise you to check him out if you haven't already... ;)


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