Saturday, September 13, 2008

Can I Watch You Fuck - HER?

It should come as no surprise that I would ever make the request that the title suggest. I have always spoke of finding a man being his true sexually aware self to be a vision of beauty. It's why I hate the whole gay-for-pay hype. It's ugly. It's ugly because those males (not men) shoot their load for a scene of having gay sex, yet in an interview swear up and down that he's totally straight is the same way a crackhead, skinny as a rail from the addiction, can swear up and down that they're not an addict. I like to watch MEN - a male who fucks another male when he does it as his personal nature, and refuses to show shame over it by using money as an excuse to explore his sexual being.

Yes, it's an old subject that I've spoke of often here. But I'm actually not revisiting that subject fully. It just leads me to the fact that I open with - how a man being his true sexually aware self is a vision of beauty. So while it may not be popular for a predominately gay man to say it, I enjoy watching a man engaging in straight sex, just as much as I like watching him engage in gay sex. Just as long as he's honest with himself about who and what he is.

I would love to be in a room with a straight man fucking a woman who has no problem knowing that I the one I fantasizing about having sex with between the 2 of them is not her - but him. I want him to be well aware that every body-slap I hear him make by slamming into her pussy, I wish he was making by slamming into my ass. And every moan she makes from his cock hitting the right spot is a moan he knows I would make by him hitting the right spot in my ass had fate made him gay or bi instead of totally straight.

After reading this, it should also be no surprise that I'm a fan of the website "Straight Guys For Gay Eyes".

While some of these guys have done scenes for having sex with other guys, since I've seen some of them in other sites having straight sex, I can most likely assume that they are probably at the opposite end of the bisexuality spectrum than myself where they are a lot more straight than gay. And that's still fine by me. At least they're letting their dominating part of their sexual orientation show

Take Euro-hottie, Ivan. He's done both &,

as well as some gay movies for movie studios.

But you can see him alot more often on the Eromaxx websites, and PissingInAction having straight sex.

It's safe to say I have this fantasy about many straight (or predominately straight) guys. I've mentioned before FlavaMen magazine model, Axl. Imagine my heartbreak when I read next to "Orientatiom", it said "Straight".

Even while knowing that, I am still enamoured with this stud, fully aware that I'll never massage and grope that hot ass, or play with his uncut cock by sticking my tongue under that foreskin and rolling my tongue along his extra sensitive cockhead. But my being a fan of his sexiness with respect for his personal sexual orientation makes me want to see him being his true sexual self. That for me means, I still want to get off watching him fuck, and if it means watching him fuck a woman because that's his preference - then on with the show!

With all the hype I'm giving these guys, it's safe to say that I get off on watching their cocks rained on with a woman's pussy juice. Also knowing that pussy is warming his cock the same way a man's tight asshole would.

And there's no reason for any totally gay man to be ashamed for sharing my sentiment. You are not betraying the gay community, as some viewers of felt, which probably led to them lessening the straight sex on the site even though it focuses on their hot guys. You would be betraying yourself if you tried repressing the pleasure you get from that sight, because enjoying someone who is self-aware and enjyoing themselves sexually is a glorious thing to see.

Why do I get off on this?
Because I enjoy the beauty of male sexuality. Straight, gay, bi - to me it's all good to watch. Just as long as it's with consenting adults who are being true to themselves about who they are. That's truly entertaining, that's truly beautiful, because even in the raunchiest of sex play, being true to your sexual self is always beautiful.

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