Saturday, September 6, 2008

Curb Your Cynicism

Last week during Barrack Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention, a friend of mine decided to return a phone call. When I answered the phone, I told him, "You won't believe this, but I'm watching Obama's speech at the Democratic Convention."

My friend's response was, "He's still alive?"

I looked in to my phone, then replied to him, "Excuse me?!"

He said, "They're going to vote him to his death."

Most I have told the tale of this conversation to have called his words to be based in racism. Maybe I am in some way (as stated in a previous blog post) coming to the defense the way friends do initially even when that friend is wrong, but I (at least for now) consider his words to be more so based in cynicism.

Cynicism can be funny, but in some places, there is no place for it, and considering the state of emergency this country is in - cynicism has no place. Because cynicism is brought on by a lack of faith in whatever said subject matter.

With that in mind, I remember saying quite a bit to him, and making quite a few references about him having a lack of faith. And that's what everyone who is willing to vote for Barrack Obama is having - FAITH. Even if they have the fear of him being assassinated. They are having FAITH. FAITH in someone saving this country from the sewage pit of misery it is becoming thanks to George W. Bush and the like is what keeps people holding on.

The reason I can't really recall what I said exactly is because when I get to a certain degree of rage to something said, when I return fire to it, I can't recall my words verbatim. All I can remember is the fact that my target has shut his/her ignorance spewing hole. And such was the case here. I am writing this entry since I'm calmer from my outburst, I can more clearly say some of the things I was thinking during that phone conversation that I avoided at the time of that talk, because had I said it then, I would have broken one of my personal rules. That rule being to not waste my cell phone minutes screaming and hollering at someone's ignorance over the phone.

This friend claims that he was just being realistic. I returned by telling him, "NO! You're not being realistic. You're being pessimistic. "

What people need right now is a solution to the problems, like families torn apart by the war in Iraq, people out of work due to outsourcing, and the list goes on and on thanks to George W. Bush. And if this friend is not one of those people who have faith that Barrack Obama can be the solution, then he is one of the people who are part of the problem.

Another thing that enraged me so much about his initial statement is that this was a historic night for me, because believe it or not, I don't follow politics. And this night, I decided to take note. I voted in the last election for John Kerry, but not because I found him that immensely competent, but because I felt something had to be better than the disaster George W. Bush was bringing us into. The disaster we are living in now. So hearing Barrack Obama's speech meant a great deal to me. Not because he's considered Black (when he's actually bi-racial), but because I do find Barrack Obama to be a brilliant individual. And as many people may not want to hear it, hoping I just go the spiritual route, I'm going the religious route regarding this matter, and living by the old saying that goes, "Let go, let God". In other words, leave it in the hands of God to handle the outcome of this election, and what happens thereafter. Say a prayer that God will watch over Barrack Obama and us, so that we can have a way better tomorrow than the one we are headed for in this style of government continues.

With that in mind, I would like to think that God forbid Barrack Obama becomes President and is assassinated, I at least have faith that God will grant him the time on this earth to pave the way for this country to have better days than it is having now. The same way God granted Martin Luther King, Jr. the time to pave the way for better days before was taken from this earth.

The last thing, that enraged me about that statement which is why I am not totally throwing out the possibility of this person's statement being a racist jab is the fact that maybe even a year before primaries began, he was constantly ending phone conversations telling me to vote, and make sure I'm registered.

My question is "What changed?"
Now, all of the sudden, he as he claims "can't vote for someone who going to be assassinated." What kind of 2-faced bullshit is that? He has now made himself, just as 2-faced and hypocritical as the common politician.

All this makes me question who am I associating myself with. Someone too immature to know when cynicism is proper to voice and when it's not. Someone so void of faith that they want to bring your hopes down, because after all, misery does love company.

Well, I need time to hash this out, because those words this person spoke mean something about his character. Therefore if I see these things to be the case, then this friendship will have to be terminated. So in this case, I'm doing what I always do - I'm hoping for the best, and doing what I hate having to do when the situation arises - expecting the worst.

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