Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Feeling Frisky, Hot Jock?

It's been awhile, but I ventured to sex party this past Thursday called the Hot Jock Party. The requirement was that you had to have an in-shape physique. That doesn't mean you needed a set of six-pack abs, but everyone there did have at least a nice bod, while some had a great bod. And that for me means everyone who wanted a feel, got a feel. Therefore, I was a big ol' slut in a compact package that night. Now while that was the case, since you're talking about me here, you can safely assume that even while being a sexual deviant, I walked away with some interesting observations that I will get to later.

I read about it on a new hook-up site called, FriskyList.com.
I first heard of FriskyList.com after my adventure at the Lean Muscle Party, and being on their mailing list. I later got an invite to join FriskyList.com. After joining, while browsing I came across the Hot Jock Party.

From the moment I walked into the room, with a bunch of guys just standing around, eyes fell on me. The 1st guy I noticed was a tall well-built Asian with some 6-pack abs to die for. I wasn't sure if he noticed me, but I got my answered not too long after I started to move from standing almost in the middle of the floor. He moved so casually I didn't even notice that he wound up behind me. I could just feel the presence of someone behind me, and when I turned to look out of the corner of my eye to get a glance, I realized it was him. So I stayed there, I felt his crotch move up against my ass, then he arms came around me, and my fun night began.

This was less than 5 minutes after walking into the room, so while knowing he was cute with a nice smooth ass, and extremely fuck-worthy cock, I felt the need to pace myself before lubing my hole to take in his cock that I wanted badly. So me and the Asian made out heavily. I did give him quite a blowjob. But the longer I sucked it, the more I wanted to fuck it. Because I knew I was hitting the spot when I made that muscle along the shaft throb as if he's shooting a load. After that, I moved on to some more action.

The 1st conquest was someone I noticed watching me after I spotted the hot Asian. And this was one of 2 times I became the bottom you see in movies. He looked like he could have been a Raging Stallion Exclusive if he wanted to. He had an edgy look with his bald head, mustache, great body, and what I like in a fuck partner be they my top or bottom - a great ass. And I definitely massaged it while he bent me over that bed and fucked me from behind.

You may be getting anxious to see me top after I tell you this - while I bottomed only 2 times, I topped at least 3 times that much on a variety of nationalities, with me doing a couple of them more than once. I told you there were alot of nice bods there. And each time I topped, I drew a crowd. It had me wondering, "What's the big deal? It's just a Black man's dick in a White guy's ass. I'm sure you've seen it in a porno at one time or another."

Then one of my observations of the evening hit me. Sure they've seen a Black guy like very muscular Marcus Williams or an intimidatingly huge and well-built guy like Diesel Washington fuck a White guy. BUT to see a lean and simply toned Black man topping a White guy. THAT was something new, and they were getting that view live and in color. After each time I topped, I got compliments from some of them telling me how hot that was to them.

These 2 situations lead to my next observation:
(1)There was a guy who I went down on, and I wanted to him to fuck me soooo bad. From what I saw most of the evening, he turned out to be more of a bottom. Emphasis on "more of" meaning that I did get to see him top, just not with me. But when he did top some one, he fucked him so hard, it made me more sure that I would have enjoyed him inside me.
(2)There was another guy, who for whatever reason to me, had an edge that would have made me perceive him to be a top, but he bottomed more, including with me. And here again, emphasis on "more", because he did top someone - and that someone was me. He banged into my ass so incredibly hard. The guys crowded around couldn't get enough of watching, and I couldn't get enough of him pounding me.

Because this is where my next observation hit me.
These guys both seemed to be some degree of versatile, as I am. And also like myself, when they decided to top, they lay into ass with such a savage passion, you can't help but get off, and (if you're any degree of a bottom) wish it was your ass that was getting thrust into.

This made me think back to the guys who are the best tops I've ever been with, and most of them, I have to admit, claim to be some kind a versatile. I'm not saying guys who are strictly tops can't be phenomenal fucks, but from my experience, that Hot Jock Party enlightened me to the fact that the percentage of better tops is greater in guys who claim to be have some degree of versatility. And it makes perfect sense, because by being some degree of versatile, you have a better chance of knowing what to do to in order to stimulate your sex partner to levels unseen since you have been in their position at one time or another.

So should I go again, what will I learn at the next party. I'm bound to learn something.,And if I don't, I guest I'll just have to enjoy being in the midst of a horde of hot lusting bodies. Believe me, I am by no means complaining. Trust me.

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