Saturday, September 27, 2008

If You Shave Me, Do You Save Me?

I recently saw in a recent installment of Bel Ami's Personal Trainer series a model telling another that he needs to shave his pubic hair.

That got me to wondering why do some people do that?

I have heard that some do it because their partners complain about their pubic hair. And that's in both, straight and gay relationships. My feeling is if you're in a relationship, take him/her as they are. If they're hairy on their body or pubic region, what right do you have to try and change that? To be more direct, how dare you have the fuck-faced audacity to play God? What gives you the right to fix your lips to have these men and women strip themselves of part of them by requesting (and in some cases demanding) that they remove one of the very things that make them a man or woman in the 1st place.

Maybe I'm one of the few who has the utmost respect for the creativity it took for God to makes us the beautiful individuals that he made each of us to be, so body hair is not a hindrance in my eyes. A lot of overall body hair, may not be my favorite thing, but I wouldn't deny a guy the chance to be my boyfriend over it. And out of that respect for God's creation, I would never suggest something like electrolysis. If I was blessed to find myself in love with a hairy man who loves me back, then I'll love my hairy man. Now, as far as pubic hair goes, whether it's a little or alot, my man better not touch a single hair. When I dive in to suck his dick, I love having his coarse hair there in my face. Just as I love to lick hair while I lick his balls. Just as I love feeling his pubic hair hit against my ass as he puts his entire cock into my hole. Why? Because that pubic hair is a sign of his manhood. You may decide to trim it. I personally don't even like the thought of trimming. Because it's running along that fine line towards making yourself into an epitome of the derogatory meaning behind the word, "faggot", which is unacceptable in my book.

While I am chastising people who demand others to remove their body hair, especially pubes, I will admit that I myself do shave off my little bit of chest hair and trim my pubes ONLY along my inner thigh for public appearances. But it's my choice to do so. No one else is allowed to make that demand of me. Be they a trick, or a significant other.

Yes, I once had a possible trick have the fuck-faced audacity to try to make me shave off my small amount of body hair. That's why the ass he could have possibly enjoyed, became the impossible for him to ever have. Just goes to show you that it's better to have an ass, than it is to be an ass.

I am more than aware that many guys sweaty pubes emit a musky scent. It's natural, so get over it. As long as I can't smell it when you have any kind of clothing on, I could care less, because it means you have a clean body. It's a scent that I can easily not be appalled by if the only time I get whiff of it is when burying my head in a guy's crotch, because I know that scent comes from the sweat he's accumulated there from being an active man. And that's one thing a real man should be - active.

In the matter of pubic shaving, I can easily say to each his/her own. You have to make that call if you're going to allow someone to dictate doing that to you. But as far as I'm concerned, to answer the question of the title, I say NO. Actually instead you berate me by you (instead of myself) deciding to take away one of the unique qualities that make me the unique beautiful creation God made.


  1. An honest critique. Tre would love to get up u, but not as a trick. U r not the kind of soul that I would want to demean by buying a liason with, even though such is an modus operandi of yours. I have a strong desire for u since the first time u shared your presence at our meeting. But each time I am in your presence, I get cold feet and nervous. I need to 'get over it', but must I also 'get over u too;?

  2. To make one thing very clear, I am ONLY a porn actor, NOT AT ALL an escort. My liaisons are by way of any average person - based on who I'm attracted to, NOT by how much you're willing to pay me.


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