Monday, December 3, 2007

Alas, Naming Names In The Racism Game

There is only but so many times I am going to be confronted with racism and bigotry by someone in the porn industry, and practice the restraint of not naming names before I have enough of the fuck-faced behavior and actually do name names.

Well my friends - the restraints are off now. For that time has come.

I did my dancing gig at Splash for it's 2nd week, and there was a porn actor in the bar as a patron. The incident started while I was having what turned out to be a deep conversation with a patron, A drunken patron then interrupted to talk about how the porn actor was acting so full of himself, and how I should follow his lead. The porn actor was rubbing up on a couple of the other go-go boys, going behind the bar to make out with the bartender. Either drunk and out of control, spoiled and out of control, or a combination of the 2. You decide. Anyway, knowing I was not going to lower myself to those antics, especially considering that it wouldn't say much good about my intellect to take advice from a guy drunk off his ass, this drunken patron decided to say, "I'm going to go fuck with him". And proceeded to start trouble.

The drunken patron picked up a jacket the porn actor left on a bar stool, and told him that I wanted a shirt. I immediately made it clear that I wanted nothing of his. But the drunken porn actor dumb enough to follow the lead of the drunken patron took the situation to a level that if he had any class about himself, he would not have went there.

The porn actor, who was Pierre Fitch, gave a response that was a racist tirade. Saying things like, "I not into those type of guys, I like my white men, their skin feels better", and "no matter how drunk I am, I wouldn't do it".

Now, I admit to having a preference. We all do. But was that necessary? I myself have admitted to racism against black men, that I have overcome greatly. But even so, at least mine was brought about based on what most of the Black men I knew growing up lacked inside. For Pierre to say something like "their (white men's) skin feels better", shows the very superficial outlook that halts our progress not just as gay men, but as human beings overall.

The patron that I was having the deep conversation with was eyewitness to this, and was wondering how I was able to tolerate this. I reminded him of the reason I look so good for my age after he paid me such a compliment for how fit and vibrant I am to be go-go dancing at 36, and not look like I'm out of my 20's. I told him that not letting things like this get to me is exactly why. I looked at Pierre Fitch's drunken racist tirade as him being beneath me. After all, I had no need to get drunk to talk to anyone I talked to that night, whether I was attracted to them or not. Yet, he did. When I present myself as a "wild boy" anywhere, I do it clean and sober, so I can remember the fun I had being a "wild boy" the next day. Drunkards don't have that privilege. Drunkards have regrets, and get drunk again to try and bury their regets.

Early on in our conversation, the patron I was in deep talks with told me that the vibe he got from me is that I know why I'm in this industry, and he applauded me for that, because as he said most younger people have no clue as to why they're doing it, they just are. And those reasons have been explained at one point or another within my blog entries over the nearly 2 years since I started writing my blog. Now some of you may think that he was probably drunk, too. Well, even if he was, this is not the 1st time that someone has told me that I give off that vibe to them. And it wasn't at a bar. It has at some times been in just regular chance conversations with new people that I meet, and tell them what I do. And the fact that I have that strong an inner-light that tells that truth about me, makes me able to overcome any racist and bigoted ranting (drunk or sober) given by Pierre Fitch or any other superficial and close-minded sack of shit.

But I will close today with this.
Don't worry about me, because my night did have a "happy ending" of sorts. But that's tomorrow's story.....

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  1. Good for you for having the balls to name names. Racism and racists need to be called out for what and who they are!

  2. There are many of us considered white who think just the opposite -that black men have nicer skin. But in either preference, racial or not, I think it comes down to aesthetics. I have seen good white skin and bad white skin, good black skin and bad, meaning, smooth and unblemished, generally speaking. But I have always preferred dark meat on and off the Thankgiving table! So for every guy like Pierre there is another who would say, NO THANKS to his meat!

  3. Kyros, you may know Pierre Fitch personally, and I that night I got to know him as Pierre Bitch. I know what I heard, the other people's look of shock shows they heard the same as me, and it was not taken out of context. I distinctly said that I understand how evveryone has a preference. That's fine. BUT to say that the COLOR of a person's skin is what makes their skin feel better to the touch (as opposed to maybe their lifestyle causing that difference) is sheer racist ignorance that is unforgivable UNLESS the person grows up, and takes note of their misconception.

  4. Why'd you have to go an tell us this? Now I'm not sure if I like Pierre Fitch anymore. I myself am Latino and I agree with you that racist comments are totally unnecessary. Have you seen "Longshot Making The Game"? In this movie Pierre fucks with Filippo Romano. Filippo is not that light skinned per se. His skin is actually quite darker. It would really suck if Pierre were racist.

  5. Anonymous,

    I hate to bust your bubble, really I do, because it means I have to expose the ugliness of one's soul rotting from racism, and I honestly get no thrill in exposing such negatvity. But the truth is that is what was said by Pierre Fitch referring to men and other Blacks.

  6. Racist people are narrow minded ones. Bummer for those type of people


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