Friday, August 1, 2008

Marketing 101? One With ONE Condoms

The longer I do this blog, the more unexpected offers seem to come my way. Such as me being able to forge relationships with porn companies like Raging Stallion (which is how I got the pics for my blogs about my kink for tattoos and most recently Logan McCree), as well as my being considered for the position of Marketing Director at a company I won't name unless it actually comes to fruition.

The most recent offer came from ONE Condoms. You may or may not recall a comment I got on my blog entry "AIDS Walk New York 2008" it reads:

michelle said...

Hey Tre - I hope yesterday went well for you at the AIDS Walk. Ours here in Boston is the weekend after next and I'm captaining the ONE Condoms team. We've even got Davis Mallory from Real World fame coming out to join us. You should check out our site and condoms, we've been committed to helping stop the spread of STIs/HIV for 21 years as a company.

Let me know if I can send you some samples.

When I replied back I mentioned my at the time upcoming participation in Will Clark's Bad Boys On The Hudson Sea Tea. I had no idea of what made me mention that. Maybe it was my skills in marketing myself in both mainstream and the adult entertainment world becoming 2nd nature to me, so I talked about whatever could heighten my appeal without even thinking. Well, it seems that it paid off.

I left my phone number in the email, and I got a phone call about the next day. We discussed what I was doing on my own, and then she brought up wanting to know more about Bad Boys On The Hudson. I explained as much as I could about it being a charity event. And she made the offer for giving me about 500 condoms from their Pride mix encased in custom-labeled tins with self-promoting logos with 2 condoms in each tin. That's 250 tins to come my way. 250 condom tins by the way that arrived at my day job. Imagine the look on my co-workers face as I broke the news of what was inside those tins when I opened up the box.

Now in addition to that, I was still offered my own samples that included a jar with 50 of their Pride Mix condoms.

All this born out of the communication spawned from one blog entry.

It was beyond my expectations, and I'm very grateful to ONE Condoms for their participation. Because the beneficiary for the Bad Boys Sea Tea was Team Eagle who help to raise money for the HIV/AIDS programs at the LGBT Center in NYC, therefore their message and ONE Condoms message work hand in hand. In my conscious mind, I just thought I mentioned my part in the Bad Boys Sea Tea to add stuff to my email, instead of making it say plain and simply "Thank you for the offer of samples, and I accept." But maybe subconsciously, it's why I brought up being part of the Bad Boys Sea Tea. Because it shows that along with my being part of the AIDS Walk, HIV/AIDS prevention and eradication is a concern of mine as well.

The condoms have been a big hit as I've been giving them away at my appearances at Bad Boys On The Hudson Sea Tea, WOOF! at View Bar, then at Will Clark's Porno Bingo. I was wondering if I deserved to be considered for that unnamed companies' Marketing Director job, after results like this, I think I should stop questioning my own abilities, and accept the fact that this position probably really is a fit for me. So let's see what they think, and if fate will agree.


  1. would you really consider a job in the adult industry full time? what about benefits, security, and the corporate world. you may have to be on a budget more because the corporate world does pay more than other industries. Didn't Colton Ford make only $30K in porn. What is the reality of it, is what you gotta look at.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Still it didn't work again. marketing jobs could come and go so easily versus the stability of the corporate world.

    did you look into that?

  4. it's tricky remembering the name of your blog site, and it's harder to leave a comment with your name.

    you got things to say and maybe we got things to say back, but it's hard to post them here.

  5. You really need to stop talking such blatant ignorance about stability of the corporate world. Because if you look at the world around you, you will take the blinders off, and realize that stability in the corporate world nowadays is all propaganda to suck you in to follow their lead of stupidity. The same way you are trying to have me follow yours.
    I have often showed my disdain for the corporate world, and a job doing what I enjoy to take me away from it how ever long it last is fine by me. It it doesn't work out, God will help me to land on my feet as he always has. Thank you.


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