Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Black Man Meet Black Man - Now Fuck!

There is a problem in the gay porn industry involving quite a few companies that feature minority performers that I have long wanted to, but put off addressing until now. It seems that while I have filled out quite a few of the mainstream porn companies' modeling applications to find the question asking for your preferred partner type, that same question has never been asked of me in any ethnic production I've ever done or have since turned down. And the fact that I haven't been asked is why I have turned them down.

OR in one case, I was quickly asked on my way out the door, then when suggested for a shoot, the person they wanted to pair me with was totally outside of my preference. That was the case with Big City Video. Not only did they insult me that way, but they even while knowing that I have worked quite a bit previously before that meeting, they were still trying to pay me the same low rate of pay like I'm a beginner.

For companies to not ask their models for their preferred partner type, or ask yet go against it is once again (as much as I hate to admit it) making Deren Hills calling porn companies "pimps" closer to the truth. Because a pimp does care about whether you like the person or not. They don't care about the chemistry. They just want to see a fuck, and turn a profit from it. Now, the big difference between a pimp and a dignified porn director is that the dignified porn director wants to see a good fuck. One that is full of chemistry, and mutual attraction, therefore the satisfaction his actors show is true, and thereby also satisfies the viewing audience. Unfortunately, my experience with most ethnic companies display the so-called "directors" to behave more like pimps, instead of directors worthy of the title.

There was a new company I was interested in working with, and when I was asked to work with a certain actor, I researched him online to see if I could find out what he looked like. I did, and I was OK with my findings. Then that scene partner got changed, and I tried to research the new name presented to me. I couldn't find them anywhere, so I asked the company for a picture. The response I was given was that was "one thing i dont do is send out if you get there and it doesn't work then the scene gets revamped...".

This response troubled me immensely, because first off I liked what I came to know of these people. So being that I usually have no trouble naming names, I'll be kind and not do so this time because the company is new and might not understand why I was so troubled by their response. Maybe that policy is in order to make the action come off more spontaneous. Great idea, IF it's executed properly. By properly executed, I mean that the preference of both me and my prospective scene partner(s) have to be discussed, and it never was. Plus if you took note of my preference in the 1st place, you would have lessened the risk of having to "revamp" a scene.

There seems to be this extreme misconception with ethnic-porn companies that just because you're a Black man, you should be ready and willing to have sex with another Black man no matter what, and they practice the same asinine logic with Latinos. Well, this is my way of reminding all these production companies that there is a wide variety of different types of Black and Latino men. Some are light-skinned, some are dark-skinned, some are medium-toned. While there are others who are smooth, some with moderate body hair, and others extremely hairy. And others are thin, others medium build, and some muscular, and some extremely muscular. Models should beyond a shadow of a doubt be asked which of all of these differences fit into their individual preferences. If they are not asked, then the producer or director is presenting himself as nothing more than with the loathsomeness of a common pimp, and he should be ashamed of himself for doing such. Performers such as myself get into this business to show our love of sex in front of the camera with people we want to engage in that love of sex with. When a director ignores a male or female performer's preferences, that director is treating his actors like a common street hookers so he can play the power trip of a pimp.

This is extremely offensive behavior to treat an ethnic performer this way. It's bad enough that most mainstream porn ignores ethnic actors to such a massive degree, but for companies that produce ethnic-themed porn to ignore a performer's preference, or worst not even ask, is saying, "The big guys don't want you, so you'll take whatever the fuck we give you, or you'll have nothing at all."


That is the reason I was about to leave this industry last year. Not only was the racism of most mainstream studios working on my last nerves, but the pimp-attitude of so many ethnic-themed porn producers was also a factor. Luckily, I came in contact with Knight Stick Films, and that's what kept me around. My scene partner with Knight Stick was Taino. And me, Taino, and producer/director Ben Marksman all agreed upon working together beforehand.

And it made for a scene me and Taino had fun making, which transferred onto DVDs as fun that I'm sure the viewing audience will say hits "the spot".

I hope this blog shakes things up. I hope it makes my fellow ethnic models take a stand and demand approval of your scene partner, OR at the least allow yourself to only work for companies that ask for your preference, even within your own race. Anything else is a pimp dominating his whore.

I decided to no longer stand for it, and I hope you have enough self-esteem to do the same for yourself.


  1. well said. I hate seeing black movies where there is absolutely no chemistry between the models. Raging Stallion is my favorite becuase you can always sense the attraction between the men.

  2. Well said Tre - Big City's movies are some of the worst for the reasons you outline. There's zero chemistry, zero production values and zero respect for the models or the consumer. They're just grim.


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