Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Identical Set Seduction

One of my most loyal readers, Boogie Tonight sent me an email that simply said:

your thoughts

Before I even clicked on the link, I knew what site it would lead to. I've been lusting over pics of the Visconti triplets for awhile before that email.

So Boogie simply furthered my need to voice a fantasy many of us lust for, but probably have never experienced ----

----to be gangbanged by identical twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.

This fantasy really started to become known to me during the height of the Carlson twins craze earlier this decade.

Remember those 2 hotties? I sure can't forget them. I couldn't get enough of them. I was glad to see any pic of them in underwear, swim bikinis, bare-assed, or full frontal. My fantasy I beat my meat to was that I was either getting fucked by just one of them, and other times gangbanged by them both. Either scenario I jerked off to, I had no idea whether it was Kyle's or Lane's cock throbbing in my ass.

That same fantasy re-surfaced in recent years thanks to Bel Ami's introduction of the Lautrec twins in Flings 2, who some may know as the Magnetti twins from a volume of Lucas Entertainment's "Cruising Budapest" series. Those slim physiques and those light eyes definitely got my attention.

Identical siblings like twins and triplets have long been a sexual fascination for both men and women, straight, gay, and bi. The earliest I can recall in gay porn for me are Nicolai and Boris Otov of Kristen Bjorn's Comrades In Arms.

What bottom didn't want BOTH of their uncut cocks sliding in and out of their ass? And what top didn't want to sample BOTH of their tight holes embedded between those muscular ass cheeks?

Recently, I noticed something about twins in gay porn. They rarely (if ever) fuck the same hole. One twin gets the blowjob while the other fucks the ass. Maybe it has something to do with the thought that safe-sex PSA's were saying when they told you that when you have sex, you're having sex with every other person they had sex with. It might be that thought is just a little too close for comfort for identical siblings.

That concept of being too close for comfort wasn't wasted on non-twin siblings Phat Daddy and King Dingo in Pitbull Productions' "Who's Yo Daddy?" where the 6 scenes were made of scenarios where one brother fucked the same 3 guys as the other brother. I WISHED I could have been on of those bottoms, because it wouldn't have been too close to comfort for me either.

Nor is it too close for comfort for me with identical siblings, as I would gladly offer myself as a bottom to any of the aforementioned identical siblings. Maybe as a way to find out whether or not one identical sibling fucks in a style that makes me able or unable to them apart from one of the others. I would LOVE to do that experiment. And there are so many sets of identical twins, triplets to fantasy about doing that experiment with.

I must admit though, that it's most likely for the sake of getting fucked by more than one gorgeous guy where I don't have to say to myself that one looks better than the other. Although, I may wind up saying that one fucks better than the other. But if I'm ever lucky enough to get that fantasy fulfilled----

-----that will be a fact for me to know, and you to find out for yourself.


  1. Tre you sure know how to do your historical research when it comes to hot guys especially in sets of three! I was just wondering do any of these brothers actually do it with their other brothers? would this be incest? I think it's hot to see the same looking guy, but was just curious. I hope this isn't a stupid question, but just couldn't tell from their website.

  2. I've heard of some videos like that. But because that would be incest, I don't watch them. I haven't seen it for a while, but I do think the twins from COMRADES IN ARMS did touch each other for a bit, but no kind of intercourse. And if that's the case, I probably put it out of my head because it made me feel uncomfortable while the rest of the movie had me jerking off like crazy.
    Therefore not to be insulting, but I do think it is a stupid question to ask as to whether or not it's incest. THEY ARE BROTHERS - ENOUGH SAID!

  3. Yeah, it's incest but what does it say about us for watching and promoting anything that is incest? they guys may be hot and doing horny things but where do you establish values, and morales.

    just because a guy has muscle and a dick, and is sexual is different than having some type of decency towards society. as soon as you talk about brothers or triplets or twins, the thought arises as to if they did it or not. You are getting into muddy waters here.

  4. You really need to read more carefully, and stop looking for trouble. That's how it's YOU who is getting into "muddy waters".
    I never promoted incest in any kind of way. At least I admit to the fact that there may have been to some degree of it in "Comrades In Arms". I just can't recall for certain since I haven't seen that movie in years. And even then, I said the thought of it distrubed me.
    There is nothing wrong with fantasizing about a tryst with twins, triplets, etc. as long as you are their sexual focus, and not each other.
    Now stop being a killjoy to everyone else who wants to enjoy that fantasy. I do not want to have to delete you for doing so. Thank you.


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