Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Prudish Invasion

If you were wondering why I came down so hard on that hater in Sunday's post, it's because just this past Friday, I ran into another prude. This one turned me down for a hook-up because - I do gay porn. So I got bombarded with hypocritical prudeness for my entire weekend. APrudish Invasion, if you will.

I was talking to this guy at Sugarland, and he seemed pretty into me from early on in the night. I could see with my peripheral vision as wide as it is that he kept looking over at me without me looking at him. I waited until a moment where we were close to each other to exchange a glance. The moment arrived, and we smiled at each other. He initiated speaking to me, and it went from there.

At one point, one of the newest go-go boys, Benoît, came by offering $1 shots. I was more than welcome to take one, because beside craving a taste of something, to get it from a tall, gorgeous Euro-boy with a cute butt in his undies like Benoît was an added bonus. I noticed that this guy I had just met however, seemed to tense up. I sensed a vibe from him saying, "Oh my dear Lord, there's a guy here in his underwear! Oh my virgin eyes!"

Benoît remembered me from the week before when he auditioned, so after Benoît walked away, this guy was wondering what Benoît was talking about. So not to boast, but show my honest nature, I told him that I danced there at Sugarland just the week before, and that I also do gay porn.

Later on, he told me that it made him feel uncomfortable. I thanked him for his honesty and let him be on his way. My complaint is once again the hypocrisy. You walked into a gay party knowing you would see go-go boys, and you're served your drinks by shirtless bartenders and without apprehension you take your liquor. All that is a form of adult entertainment, and you act as if you want no part of it. If such is the case, why did you come here? Hmmm! I smell something, and it doesn't have a great aroma. It must be that damn HYPOCRISY.

Now I'm not saying I should get every cock and ass I want because I do porn, but come on! I didn't ask for a date. I didn't propose marriage. We met at party looking to HOOK-UP. And having a one-night stand is having a one-night stand, whether it's with a corporate player, or a pornstar, or if your forking over cash to have it with a hooker.

As far as if I got any that night.

YES, I did. You see, me and a fuck buddy were suppose to go to WORK, but I decided on Sugarland instead. He didn't go with me, in fact, he didn't go to WORK either, he stayed in his neighborhood of the East Village. So he went his way, and I went mine, and we decided that after awhile if we don't find anything else to hook-up. After Mr. Prude turned me down, I text him that I was on my way to where he was which was The Cock. When I arrived, The Cock was going to close in 30 minutes, so I was not going inside. He came out, and made out ferociously with me right there on the street. We went back to his place, and did I forget to mention he takes dance? And if you know my thing for dancers, then you know I couldn't wait to get naked with this one. Especially with that nice round ass of his. The reason I knew this was a great back-up plan was because when me and this guy fuck, we go primal on each other and REALLY FUCK. Maybe it has something to do with his being born on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces, because astrologically speaking, my experience has been that sex with water signs like Pisces makes me insatiable and I just want to fuck all day. We didn't however, but I would have mided if we did. So my Friday night outing had a happy ending after all, despite being turned by that hypocritcal prude.

And one more thing, my fuck buddy is one of those who reminds me that not all Americans have come under playing this puritanical hypocrisy, because he is American born and raised.

Me and another friend of mine recently discussed this hypocrisy along with the email I received over the weekend, and he reminded me of something. Of how in Eastern European societies, sex is a fact of life which is why there aren't as many hang-ups about it in those societies like there is here in America. I wish America would adopt that attitude. Maybe then the number of Europeans I date or trick with would be more equal to the number of Americans instead of outnumbering by at least 7 times. And just so you know, I've had less than 5 Americans in my time. I will commend some Americans, as quite a few I know agree with me on this matter. But until that day arrives where the percentage of Americans adopting that openess about sex increases, I'll be still having a thing for Euro-boys.

So let's hope after this past weekend of a prudish invasion, these jerks have left my space for good.

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  1. i still cant believe there was a prude at one of my parties. i thought they were all scared of me:)

    all of you that arent prudes- come see my parties:)


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