Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Hair Down There - The Video

This trick eagerly undid his pants
For a night of sex by chance
Couldn’t help but stare
For the boy was bare
Where there should be pubic hair
Was he was of the human race?
Thank God for the sight of his face
For just the view of no hair
To grace his pubic land
Made him look like part of an alien clan
What’s the deal with the thorough shaving
Or enduring the pain of a wax
Nature marked you with this gorgeous trail
But you insist on denying the facts

Now, physically true adult, come here
True, by keeping your hair down there
That will tickle my nose
And tickle my lips
When you plug my mouth for a dip
Or when you thrust into my bottom hole
That coarse hair aids my lost of control
So show me au naturel
Or maybe even trimmed
But I’ll question your adult pride if you come bare skinned
I don’t mind pulling out hairs after
From my teeth, tongue, and ass
For that hair shows your pride as an adult
So in that regard, you passed

Females’ shaved and waxed vaginas
Males shave and wax above their cocks
Immatures putting themselves through abuse
All for the sake of recapturing youth
But I revel in having the pubes of an adult
Not that reminiscent of a child
Should you crave the sight of the latter
I’ll fear you might be a pedophile

So look and be teased
For it’s down there
What you yearn to taste
It’s down there
The tool you seek
It’s down there
Let the coarseness graze you
For the tool it hovers lives to praise you
Do you want to be and play with an adult
Or with a child?
The truth may be in how you wear and crave the hair
Down there

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