Monday, June 4, 2012

Me, Too Titillating For YouTube?

If you are a loyal reader, or have been keeping up recently, then you are aware that on May 22nd, I was a featured performer for an erotica salon called "Titillating Tongues". I already told in previous posts what I was going to do, as well as the song I was going to sing, and the song I was going to do a striptease to.

When I arrived at the SoHo Playhouse, I was told the order of events. The 15-slot open mic was first, an intermission, then followed by the featured performers like myself, and I was scheduled to be 3rd. That all happened as said until after the intermission, the 1st featured performer being introduced....was ME.

But I have no complaints. For after you watch this video, and read on to what happened after the cut-off point of it, I think you'll find my performance made for a tough act to follow.

The sudden end is the point where the video started to get too hot for YouTube. So I'll have to tell you what you missed seeing.

I slid my pants down in sync with the decrescendo in the music bridge of song to reveal my net boxer brief. 
I then turned around to sit on the chair again. This time, I put the red blanket over my lap, and proceeded to simulate masturbating under the blanket as the lyrics of the song say:

When I'm all alone
I lie awake and masturbate
I love to hear the sounds you make
Baby, here I come
Baby, here I come

In the video, not only did I bring a blanket onto the stage with me. I also brought a bag. What people didn't know was that in the bag was a Colt Anal Douche kit - the only time a porn studio like Colt would ever get this Black man's money. During the break before my performance, I went to the men's room and filled it with watered-down lotion. So no one knew that what I was stroking was actually the nozzle attachment of the douche bulb. And when the lines of "Baby, here I come/Baby, here I come" were heard,...I squeezed the bulb, and the fake cum shot straight up to my chest and chin. Followed by another squirt onto my chest and stomach. This was obviously the highlight of my performance for this and rubbing the fake cum into my torso made the audience go crazy. However, I wasn't done thrilling them.

While still under the blanket, I took off the net boxer brief, under which I was wearing this sling thong. I walked forward holding the blanket against me with some thinking I was naked underneath. Grinded a few time, and to close my striptease, I laid the blanket on the stage, and dry-humped it to the music.

Now you see why the rest of this performance could not be recorded and posted on YouTube.

So aren't you now sorry you missed it? Maybe next time such a chance to see me perform live like this arises, you'll take me up on it because obviously, if I promise a good show, I deliver.

Who knows? Maybe next time, I'll use real cum. Just kidding....or am I? ;-)

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  1. oh well with the description you gave sounds like i would have "put it through" ... makes u wonder how PC this world is getting now!


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