Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Write That Down #44

Based on all that I have said about the porn industry in recent months, one would think I have a a great regret about doing it. The truth is,....I actually don't.

The porn industry is a vile world when it doesn't need to be, for it can be of good use (I'll save greater explanation for my autobiography). However, the reality that makes me speak so badly of it is because it is a world run by leeches who are seeking to feed off the insecurities of those needing validation for their worth. Be those insecurities because of their orientation, the undeserved feeling of worthlessness after a molestation or rape, or whatever.  And this is nothing you haven't heard said before in one way of wording or another.

Even with that being the case, I took some good from my time in the gay porn industry. By doing appearances, I became comfortable enough on a stage or in front of a camera to improvise if I have to. And improvisation was something I was horrible at before porn. My being in porn also made way for me to do this blog. I had a poetry website before getting into porn, and no one paid it any mind. I started blogging as "Tré Xavier", and people not only got to see me as a porn actor with a brain, but they also saw I had real talent, as an actual performer. And not just an erotic one. The "Tré Xavier" name is how I did a poetry reading last year. That name is why I'm being asked to conduct discussions on racism in the gay community. That name gave me the beginning that I segued into becoming known by my legal first name that you now know me by.

So this is another case of how every dark cloud has a silver lining. That's why my latest "Write That Down" quote reads:

Now this quote may have been inspired by my time in porn, but I'm sure you can make it pertain to situations more personal to you.

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