Sunday, June 10, 2012

Come See Me: The Gates Of WiL

I know this is sudden, but Monday night I will be a guest on the internet talk show called "The Gates of WiL" a show hosted by WiL Group. Wil, another guest, and myself will be discussing that "dirty" word that many in the gay community (Whites especially) don't want to acknowledge ---

RACISM in the LGBT community.

It will air live on at 10 PM EST. Hope you can tune in, and if you can't tune in, it will be available for watching later.

But I'm sure you know that things like this are better viewed live.


  1. U live in the USA racism is apart of us. You think being gay means people will put aside their feeling. Why?

  2. Excuse me, "TruthBeTold", but at what point did I say that being gay people would put their feelings of racism aside? The fact is I DID NOT!!!

    Now, I'm going to tell you the truth that should be told...DON'T PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH!!! READ EXACTLY what I say, and DON'T MAKE SHIT UP!!!

    For I am by no means delusional. I am more than aware that people being assholes is inevitable. You have proven that by coming to my blog and creating the wrong argument. Just as the gay media tries to propagate itself as being this "evolved" community. The fact that racism exist among us shows that it is not as evolved as it presents itself to be. So I will challenge racism ANYWHERE FROM ANYBODY. My issue with racism being in the American gay community is what I have repeatedly said--- if you are going to demand better treatment from your oppressors, than you must show yourself to be better than your oppressors. The racism in the gay community is so bad that it is inevitable for the mainstream to see that the gay community is not only JUST AS BAD, but actually WORST. Thereby making all of the gay community's propaganda of being so evolved to be A CROCK OF SHIT. Straight up hypocrisy. THAT is the truth that is to be told of what I am challenging - THE HYPOCRISY.

    Now, if you want to live up to your name, RUN AND TELL THAT TRUTH that needs to be told!


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