Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Hair Down There Preface

What are we coming to with our bodies?

As adolescents, one of the 1st physical signs that we crave the sight of is pubic hair. For males it says, "Puberty has arrived. I'm on the road to becoming a man."

But somehow, it is now treated by many trends to be ugly, uncomfortable, and therefore needed to be erased. Such as by straight guys who claim that they shave their pubes because them having the nature-given marking of pubic hair itches their shaved or waxed girlfriends. Well, here's the male being the same dumb-ass he was in the Garden of Eden all over again. Because if the female wasn't being dumb enough to shave or wax her pubic hair off for whatever reason, then the male wouldn't wind up being a bigger dumb-ass by following her and shaving or waxing off his. Because as I've said numerous times on this blog, the follower of a fool is a bigger fool than the original.  Hence why I look at the followers of this trend with a raised eyebrow, because neither gender obviously has no idea how ridiculous they look bare there. For nature instilled in us to equate pubic hair with adulthood, which is why it looks so strange to those of us who respect the human body's natural appearance, instead of following man-made trends.

Seeing males now follow females in shaving and waxing their pubes makes me think back to an incident from the end of my grade school years when back in the 6th grade, my graduating class had their graduation trip be to go to a dude ranch. One of the features of this dude ranch was a swimming pool. There was a room for the boys, and a room for the girls to put our stuff in, and change when went to either went to the swimming pool, or horseback riding. Of course in order to change from one outfit to another, you have to get totally naked. So when a great many of us boys were in the room changing, the boys didn't want to full on stare at one another's dicks to avoid being called "a faggot". After being bullied and called one for many of my grade school years, I was teased about being the one to watch out for. Not to get off track, but truth be told, my self-denied homosexuality at the time wouldn't surface around them anyway. For the bullying over other matters that I endured from these practically all Black kids, in turn contributed to my racism against other Blacks, males especially that I've greatly overcome, but still have a little ways to go.

Anyway, instead of checking out cock somehow the boys got in a conversation over pubic hair, and who had it and who didn't. So some of the guys who had some growing in flashed it for the rest of us to see. One boy flashed it so fast that I thought that he just had some kind of scratch across that area. But my point is those boys who had any pubic hair growing in were so excited about it that they were willing to break the homophobic rules of male interaction instilled in us as a children by showing it to any male in the room willing to see.


Because again, pubic hair is one of the 1st outward physical signs that an adolescent is taking the steps towards becoming an adult. So why have so many females and now males signed on to this idea to eradicate that God-given trail to mentally walk us to our sex partner's genitalia?

I gave totally shaving off my pubic hair a try once. I had to have been in my early to mid 20s. I was at work, and went to use the bathroom. Stepped up to the urinal. Unzipped my pants. Pulled out my dick. And when the back of my hand rested against me, I literally jumped and gave a small gasp. Why?

Because I had forgotten that I had shaved my pubes.

And for the 1st time in over a decade since my pubic hair had grown in, when the back of my hand touched me as I held my dick to take a piss, instead of feeling hair,... I was feeling bare skin. Bare skin as if I had reverted back to childhood. And being that I take such pride in my adulthood, after that day, I told myself to never, never, never, ever completely shave off my pubic hair again.

Now, in my being against clean-shaving and waxing of pubic hair, it would be hypocritical of me to not admit to my own trimming of my pubic hair. And to be honest, I must. Because as an erotic model, one of the things that I've done photoshoots in are bikini underwear. Well, what you don't know is that if I was to go to such a photoshoot au naturel, you would see hair hanging out of my crotch and in between my legs. Because my pubic hair grows down to the top of my inner thigh. But even with such being the case, I refuse to rid myself of the natural trail on my body that says, "Dick down below", or "Follow the hair to cock" as it leads you to my body's erotic version of Wonderland.

The possible tragedy of clean-shaven and waxed pubes are the things it might indicate about the person craving to see them, as well as those willing to wear them. For those craving to see clean-shaven or waxed pubes, it could be a clear sign that you are dealing with someone with the potential to be a pedophile. If you think I'm reaching with such a summation, hear my explanation. If as I said earlier, pubic hair is the first physical sign of leaving childhood and going to adulthood, then it makes sense to conclude that an adult wanting to see that hair removed from his/her sex partner is craving to see the pubic area of a child, and not an adult. The fact that he/she wants that view in adult form indicates a potential for the worst sexual behavior of pedophilia. So the adult with a bare pubic area may very well be just a tool used to walk that very fine line. So you see, this summation is not a far stretch. And the only ones who would dare say I'm reaching are those who crave that view, and those with low enough self-esteem to accommodate that craving.

 Now, with all that said, I do hope this idea of clean-shaving and waxing of pubes goes away soon. Especially, in males. Because I like seeing guys tease me with that natural road sign to what I'm lusting to take in me. And being someone who won't ask for what I wouldn't give to you myself if possible, I've given you over time pictures that tease you with my pubic hair. Even in some scandalous male swim bikini shots. And the reason I tease you with my pubes is because we are all adults here. And I have the God-given markings on my body to prove it with pride.
So the question now is,... do you have yours?

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