Thursday, October 21, 2010

Write That Down #27

One thing I have come to be known for is writing about my sexual trysts. I write about them often enough that people think that I'm having a load of sex. Truth is most of the trysts you read about is all that I've done. However, there are some trysts that happen in between sex tales that DON'T get written about for one reason or another.

For a writer, I believe writing about one's sexual encounters should have a purpose. And while others allow seeking book knowledge to take presidence over the human nature to seek knowledge about life by experiences and observations, I stay true to human nature, including in regards to human sexuality. With that in mind, it should be no surprise that I write about my sexual encounters to reveal something new that I've learned, be it about my sexuality or sexuality in general. I'm sure you've also noticed how I take writing about my trysts as an opportunity to express my feelings about something about sex (like a certain position, fetish, or mindset) that I have yet to see addressed in great detail.

All this leads to my getting back to the aforementioned trysts that I don't write about, which is the subject of my latest "Write That Down" quote. It reads:

Sex in romantic or fuck-buddy relationships is sexual play held more sacred to me. So unless you fall in that category, the reason I won't write about a sexual tryst with you is because you gave me nothing new to learn about in exploring sexuality. You're not a new experience, or in no way (before, during, or after the fact) did you inspire me to talk about something about sex that has yet to be addressed in detail. In short, no matter how intense the sex was, you're just too damn common. So to be written about, make it count by being one of some substance. And since I can name names heinously when crossed, make it of good substance. Therefore, players & idiots need not apply. 

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