Friday, October 15, 2010

Eureka!....Discovering MY D.P. Formula

I've been a double-penetration top twice. The last time was at a sex party. I was laying on the bed getting my dick rode on by a hottie bottom, the hottie bottom leaned forward, and I saw a muscular Latino come up behind him. The next thing I knew, the frenulum of my cock was no longer rubbing against the walls of my hottie bottom's ass tunnel. Instead, it was rubbing against the frenulum and shaft of another cock - the muscular Latino's cock. However hot (and very unexpected) that was, it is still a long unfulfilled fantasy of mine to instead be a double-penetration bottom. It is that hunger that gave birth to the category "Double Penetration" on this blog.

My having yet to be a double-penetration bottom might seem odd considering the number of threesomes I've been a part of. The truth is in most of those threesomes, I've found myself getting tag-teamed, and I've come to realize that I should be fine with that. You see, most of my threesomes were born out of one-night stands where I've never had sex with either person before. This leaves me to experience each guys' individual sexual prowess....somewhat. I say "somewhat" because, truth be told, I always wind up wishing that we could make an all-day thing of it so that one guy can fuck my ass, then after a hour or so, I can take the other guy on. Because even though my ass tunnel seems to quickly adjust after being fucked, I would rather be 100% certain that both me and the 2nd guy are experiencing the full pleasure of sex with each other.

What I'm realizing now is that in my quest for being a double-penetration bottom, I might not be able to rely on my usual spontaneous nature Aries like myself are known for, including in sexual encounters. My double-penetration bottoming adventure actually needs a plan, and I think I've found what my plan needs to be.

Here's my plan of what I need to have my double-penetration bottoming adventure:
1) Of the 2 tops, one of them has to be someone I have bottomed for at least 2 times in the past. This would remove my aforementioned worry of someone missing out. Because if we've fucked before, the only new thing for him would be partaking of this adventure with me.
2)The top with whom it will be our 1st time having sex will be the one to fuck me first. Based on what I said before about wanting to experience each guy's sexual prowess, this part of the plan should not be a shock. Also, that top will serve as the guy to open up the tight hole that I'm known for having. Well him, plus loads of lube.

A friend who knows that I'm anti-poppers told me that this might be one time I actually find myself needing to use poppers. My Aries stubbornness makes me try to stick to my guns and look at it this way...If the deepest part of my mind does not want one of those cocks in my ass, then since my brain won't tell my body to relax and "open sesame", then why rely on a chemical. I didn't need it for the beer-can-thick French hottie who fucked me so good in "French Kiss, Big Bliss?", with only 2 tries before he slid that monster cock in me. So why shouldn't the same kind of mental preparation be involved here? However, the fact that 2 cocks is a bigger undertaking (no pun intended) is why my friend might be right, so I'm not ruling poppers out in this case. So when I get word that this will happen, maybe I'll pop my popper-purchasing cherry, and at long last buy some.

As you can see, I don't require much, and I'm not saying that this is the ideal formula. However, I do think that this one will work best if you're like me, and interested in not just your own pleasure, but the pleasure of all parties involved.

Now if any of my past trysts reading this has a friend who they think I might like to play with along with them, email me a pic, and maybe we can get this show on the road. And just so you know, video-recording of this great event is desired, but not a must. So should you desire discretion, it will be respected, because like I said, my concern is pleasure for all parties involved. And once in, make sure you work my hole with the same vigor of the double-penetration seen here:

Now, if you're not spent from beating off to that, here's a little something extra:

Until next time,...Have a HOT, HORNY & SAFE weekend!

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