Friday, October 1, 2010

HOT @Milk Chocolate NYC

As I stay loyal to such parties like the Hot Jock Party, there is one sex party that I mentioned in the past that I haven't told many tales about - Milk Chocolate NYC. The last time I told of a Milk Chocolate NYC party was in "First Black Sex Party", when the pre-party gave me my 1st experience at a Black-only party. The main party became open to all, as most are. Including the one I ventured to on this night.

I wish some of my fuck-buddies I've had would either get on the list for some of these parties, OR let me know when they are going themselves. For I have met some of my fuck-buddies through sex parties, and it seems like we always miss each other. The reason I'm wishing this connection is because for some reason, when I go to sex parties here in NYC, the action takes awhile to start. It happens ALL the time...Quite often, the most action that happens by the time I arrive are blowjobs. My thought is, "It's a sex party! Will somebody fuck an ass already?!"

Maybe it's a combination of my extremist nature and Aries' bluntness that has made me be the 1st at a number of parties to have a hot cock thrusting and throbbing in his ass, or vice versa. You see, my Aries' bluntness makes me have no problem with whispering to a guy whom I want to have sex with either, "Fuck me", or "Can I fuck you?"

OR having my extremist nature draw in someone just as extreme as myself, like it did that night. I had been trying to get a hot Swedish fuck-buddy living here I met at another sex party to come to the Milk Chocolate parties since I heard he was back in town after being away for awhile.

When I got to the party, one was doing anything. The host, Cade asked me to go check upstairs and see if I felt the lights were too bright or not, as a possibility as to what was stalling the action. I went upstairs to the the few guys near the stairs checking me out. As I went further on the floor, there leaning against the wall....was my Swedish fuck-buddy. I went right for him, and without hesitation, we started making out. And others came over trying to be a part of it. At one point, he whispered in my ear, "You want to get that ass fucked?'

"Yeeeeaah!" was my enthused whispered reply.

I was thinking about what I originally asked to come upstairs to do, then I  realized that when Cade sees that I haven't returned, and him and everyone else will soon enough hear me moaning that he'd take that to mean....the lighting was fine. So me and the Swede continued feeling each other up grabbing each others' ass and cock. I definitely wanted my hands on his ass, because I missed groping his plump dancer butt. While my hands also enjoyed gripping his long, thick uncut dick, it was my asshole and tunnel that wanted to grip it more. That's why I moved us over to the bed, where we made out a little more. During that time, on the other side of the room, 2 other guys had already started fucking thanks to our inspiration. Then I decided since we started this fuckfest, we should be fucking, too. So we went over to the table where he picked up condoms, and I lubed up my ass with the Wet® lube they had there.

We went back to the bad, and I got on my back. Because when I bottom, missionary is one of my favorite positions. I like it whether it's sex in a relationship or casual sex because the intimacy of that position from most lets me know that you're fucking my hole because you want my hole, you want ME. And a top gets that same reassurance about himself and his cock when a bottom wants that position.

He started to put his big cock in me, and I had to take a deep breath and prepare my body for what I was about to take in. He went in slow, and once in, he started thrusting slow, then picked up speed quickly. He like me, enjoys groups, orgies, and being watched, and he was letting al of his enjoyment of the scenario we were in out on my ass. And I moaned and yelled, and grinded his cock letting out my enjoyment in return.

At one point, I thought from his moans that he had come, but since he would just stop then return to pumping into me full blast, I brushed it off as him coming close and stopping it from happening. But then he started those moans again, only this time his moans were followed by him stopping, then slower thrusts. That's when he laid his head next to my ear to tell me, "I already came twice."

I thought to myself, "Wow! Whatever I did to his dick,...I'm glad I did it. To a multi-orgasmic top, no less." He then pulled out, and I got turned on to see him holding a condom that was full of cum. And YES, a cum-filled condom is a turn-on for me. So much so that as soon as a top is ready for Round 2, most likely so am we can make another cum-filled condom.

Just before me and the Swede started fucking, while the room was filling up with guys, one guy that stood out was a dark-haired guy with a nice bubble-butt. After washing up from my playtime with the Swede, I came out of the bathroom to see him get fucked doggy-style, and he saw me watching him. When that guy stopped fucking him, the bottom walked around a little, then came back in the room, and came over to me. He knew I wanted him. We started fooling around, and I played with his ass, and his cock. We went back to the bad, and fooled around some more. Then he said, "I'm trying to figure you out. Are you versatile?"

I told him that I was, and he told me that he was a little more of a bottom. That was the vibe I got from him, but I've learned from the misconceptions based on my body size and /or ethnicity about my preferred sexual position to never take my instinct for granted. I noticed an accent, and asked him where he was from, and he told me he was Israeli. He also told me that he liked my ass, just as I liked his. Once the fun of me just playing with his cute body reached its peak, I decided it was time to get inside it. So I asked him if I could fuck him, and I reached into my sock and got out one of the condoms and Wet® lube packets courtesy of the Wet Platinum Man that I brought form home, and suited up.

He asked what position did I want him in, and I had to deliberate. Because on one hand, I wanted missionary for the very reason I stated earlier---- I wanted him to know that I wanted to fuck HIM, and not just any hole. On the other hand, I wanted to do him doggy-style. And not for the reason many at a sex party use it for, which is for a top feeling that any hole will do, and a bottom feeling that any dick will do. No, this guy was too hot for that. I wanted to see his face. I was considering doggy-style so I could actually see the cushioning of his butt as I thrust into him. I decided on the latter with the hopes of either changing positions at some point, or having another go at him later in the night where I would fuck him missionary.

He had a nice tight hole that I enjoyed fucking. He moaned so as I was thrusting hard into him, and releasing the sexual tension of my lusting for him from the moment I saw him. However, I wanted to make sure that it was moans of pleasure, and not pain because the 2 are not one and the same to my heart, mind, and ears. That's why my hands were all over him. They were either massaging his butt, or one hand massaging his butt while the other played with a nipple, or both hands massaging his back. I also slowed down my thrusts and then picked up speed again just in case. To the point that he felt he needed a break.

After his break, the guy who was fucking him before had another go at him. So much so that he wasn't up for another go with me where I could finally fuck him in missionary position. Which is fine. We spent the rest of the night making out and jerking off. All the night's fun built up such a concentrated load that even after I washed off from letting it explode onto my abs, while I was getting dressed, Cade could still see the dried cum on my stomach. Which meant I had to go back and wash even harder. Well, the good thing is that I did get the bottom's phone number. So maybe there's another adventure to be had....maybe. But this time, should it happen, it will be private.

One thing I like about Milk Chocolate NYC parties is that many guys there don't get cliquish the way they do at other parties that I have since stopped attending because of that cliquish behavior. Therefore, a new adventure is bound to happen soon. If you got the fit bod, why don't you get started on your own adventure. Maybe, I'll see you there. And maybe I'll show you how much I appreciate how well you have maintained yourself ;-)

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