Monday, October 25, 2010

Obama's Tasks....Bigger Than Gays

I recently was reading an article on, and saw a link that reads, "Alan Cummings On Obama: He's Done 'Diddly Squat' For Gays". I didn't go to the link at the time, but I had some choice words for such a rambling. But later on that day, I went on Twitter and found that one of my followers re-tweeted that link. THAT provoked me to go to Facebook, and post those aforementioned choice words of mine as an update:

Tré Xavier is real sick and tired of all these FAGGOTS complaining about how Obama has done nothing for us gays. You are FAGGOTS because you have forgotten the fact that WE ARE A NATION. That means there may be other problems to address BIGGER than those in your "little gay world". And you would be best advised to grow up and remember that, instead of being a narcissistic gay stereotype making it all about "me, me, me!"

Since one is only allowed a certain number of character for an update, I didn't get to add this:
Now if you really want to act like a baby, then stick a dick in your mouth, and suck on it with the same intent that a baby is given a pacifier, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

And I am not swaying from that statement no matter how angry you want to claim yourself to be. Is President Obama perfect? Of course not. He's human, and yes, he is a politician. But even so, there are facts that you CANNOT deny. Such as:

THE RECESSION is BIGGER than the gay community!
HEALTH CARE REFORM  is BIGGER  than the gay community!

And the list of what President Barrack Obama must do for this country that are BIGGER than the gay community goes on and on. And why wouldn't it? He has to clean up the 8 YEAR LONG MESS George W. Bush left every American of every age, every creed, every color, every income level, every ethnicity, every sexual orientation, etc.

Now, I'm sure that of all of these bitches whining, "President Barrack Obama has done nothing for us", are the same fuck-faced faggots that aren't doing a damn thing for themselves to better the gay community from within. Are any one of these so-called gay activists trying to stop the racism within the gay community? Are any one of these so-called gay activists trying to stop the ageism within the gay community? Are any one of these so-called gay activists trying to stop the sexism within the gay community?

Gee, I wonder why I'm feeling like I'm left in the dark of the woods with only the surrounding sound of crickets chirping to keep me company right about now?

It's because so many are busy wanting for someone else to save you, that you never decided to prioritize, and correct what you need to correct what's wrong in your own garden - the gay community, before trying to correct what's wrong with all of the gardens collectively along the entire block. When you start by fixing your own garden, you can ask for someone else to assist you in being your savior. Because at least then, they can aid you out of the admiration of how you fixed your imperfections, because you were adult enough to BE YOUR OWN HERO.

As long as those aforementioned "-isms" affect the gay community, we are not being our own hero. And we collectively deserve to be looked over for it. For as I have said repeatedly, we must be better than our oppressors, and those and other "-isms" being in effect in the LGBT community show us not to be so.

So if you don't like the fact that I called Alan Cummings and those of you who agree with him "faggots", then stop making demands meant to satisfy just you and your kind. For it is that same mindset that many (young and old) gay Whites heading media outlets don't want to address the racism in the LGBT community. It's that same mindset that younger gays put in charge of gay media outlets practice ageism. And it is the same mindset that makes gay males turn up their noses in a gay bar populated by mostly gay males when women walk in, even when those women turn out to be lesbians.

I long ago said that the typical American gay male is his own worst enemy. Therefore perpetrators of all that I have said here only show me to be more correct. Thank you for proving me right...I just wish in this case, that I wasn't.


  1. Amen! President Obama has accomplished more in his time in office than his predecessor did in 8 years. You forgot to mention the oft overlooked education reform that the Obama administration put into place. I wonder what normal person can possibly believe that any man or administration can do to reverse 8 years of Bush-hell. It's going to take more time and efforts that will benefit ALL of society intstead of just segments. Some people need to grow up and think past their own personal interests!- Ben Marskman

  2. Royce Earnest-RasmussenNovember 8, 2010 at 11:21 AM

    While I do agree with you on all of your points, I cannot condone the use of that foul, hateful "F" word. I think it would be better for no one, even gays, to never use that word again.

  3. Royce,

    Thanks for your support of my view. But since it's my blog, I didn't ask whether you condone the word or not. For just like when I use the word "nigger", I say "faggot" to show the severity of one's negative behavior. And I will not sway from that. Thank you.


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