Friday, October 22, 2010

Revolving Door of Hungry Holes

This past Tuesday, I went to visit my Mom in Brooklyn. Afterwards, I decided to venture over to BIG GULP at the Cock Bar in New York City. Even though The Cock is a definite pick-up spot, the nightowl that I am just wanted to be out. And what better place to go than The Cock on a Tuesday night with a deal of a $10 cover and open bar all night. That's good whether you're a drinker or not, or if you're seeking a trick to play with or not, and I was the latter in both cases. Especially in regards to drinking, after my one and only drunken episode. That's why my total drink content was 2 vodka-cranberries followed by 2 or 3 cups of Coke or Sprite. Yes, I lost track of how many cups of soda I drank, but not how many drinks with alcohol.

The music was good, and I started bouncing to the beat. This eventually led to me dancing. Mind you, I was wearing my personally-painted sports jacket and a hoodie underneath, and being the exhibitionist that I am, they both eventually came off because I started sweating. And since this was the last hour before the bar closing, I saw no reason to check my sports jacket, so I held it and my hoodie while I danced.

After my 2nd or 3rd soda, I stood on the side to cool off. While standing there, this good-looking Latino walked in. We exchanged glances, but I wasn't sure of his interest. I was quickly assured because he then moved behind me, and I could feel his energy focused on me. I then felt his vibe move closer towards me until, it wasn't only his vibe, but also his body up against my back. I could have easily moved, but while my self-assurance makes me be there without wanting to be picked up or hit on, he made me interested in the possibility.

He asked me my name, and I told him. He then asked me, "What are you looking for?"

I replied, "Nothing in particular. I just go where the night takes me."

He said that he likes to get right to the point. So he asked me if I was a top or bottom, and I told him that I was versatile, and he revealed to me that he was a total bottom. So obviously, he was on the prowl for sex, and I was cool with that. What I needed was the right vibe of sanity from him if I was to play along. And his being so forthcoming with what he wanted was making me feel at ease. At least I wasn't dealing with a player. He said he had to go look for his friend, so I let him be on his way. If we saw each other again, fine. If not, that was fine with me as well.

Before this I ran into a friend of my own, and I was there with him until the bar closed at 4 A.M. Once outside, I ran into my Latin suitor again. He then asked me, "What do you want to do?"

I told him, "I'm heading home. Unless you have something better in mind."

He told me that his place was just a few blocks away from the bar, and he let me know that whatever was going to go down with us, that his friend/roommate was part of the deal. If his friend was cute, I was fine with that. So he introduced me to his roommate, and as it turned out, he was cute and Latino like him. His friend smiled, but then suddenly disappeared. As me and my original suitor were left talking for a few minutes, his friend called him on his cell phone and told him that he was headed back to their place, so off we went to catch up with him.

Along the way, we got to talking about what I do. I told him about my writing this blog, and how it started from my being in porn. He seemed shocked by news of my porn past. He said that I looked so innocent. That's something that's been said to me before, and I still don't understand it. Because my thought is why should the fact that I can fuck and let people watch make me look any different. I wasn't angry by his perception. I was just once again mystified by how many people have it.

Once we got to his place his roommate was waiting outside for us. While the roommate went into his own room on the other side of the apartment, my suitor invited me into his own room. We got undressed and started making out. I was thinking to myself,  "Isn't this supposed to be a 3-way?", but I then told myself to go with the flow, and his roommate will join in whenever.

I started fucking my suitor. He used poppers, but not in such a massive degree that I got to smell them, and get the headache that follows. I don't know what Latin country he was from, but he had a nice smooth ass that felt amazing to be inside of. Whether fucking him missionary or doggy-style, I was loving it. I was surprised by his need for poppers with me fucking him. Maybe I have a false idea of how thick my cock is. Well, at least for someone who hasn't abused their hole and ass tunnel with the ignorance of being a size-queen and/or constant fisting bottom, because those self-abusers are the only ones who would not be phased by my cock's width at all.

I was so into fucking my suitor that I wasn't sure if I had heard the door open. That plus the bed squeaked so loud even with my lightweight body thrusting hard into my suitor's ass. I never looked back, until my suitor wanted a break, and I laid down beside him. That's when I saw that the door did open, because his roommate was there in the room. For some reason when I looked up at him, he left. Me and my suitor fooled around a little more, mainly with him giving me a blowjob to re-ignite my hard-on. You see, after drinking, I very easily get what my friend told me was called "whiskey dick" - where alcohol prevents or lessens your ability to get and/or maintain a hard-on. And I knew the alcohol from earlier was taking some hold, especially since I didn't have much in my stomach, but the soda prevented me from being a total bottom. So the moment I stopped fucking that ass, my hard-on stopped and needed resurrecting.

Just as I got my hard-on back, my suitor left me alone in his room. Then his roommate came back. What I was in question about regarding his roommate was when he came back in the room, was his intention to fuck me, or have me fuck him. Well, he came in the room and went straight to sucking my dick. He gave me a boner, and he laid on his back, and that gave me the answer to my question. An answer I was not at all expecting. For in most of my threesomes, I've been the tag-teamed bottom, while other times I've been the versatile bottom. So this was new to me....

....because I was fucking 2 asses. Which made me the designated TOP.

I reveled in having this new title bestowed upon me. As I banged his plump ass. A plump ass that was also smooth like my original suitor, giving it spanks and massages as I thrusted into him. At one point he stopped, and wanted me to eat his ass. I was all over his ass from licking his hole, to licking his ass cheeks, to fingering his hole massaging the walls of his ass tunnel, which I realized was preventing my on-the-verge to becoming flaccid cock from becoming totally flaccid. Once totally hard again, I went back to fucking him, and I fucked him until he came.

Evidently, these guys have done this before, as they had it down to a science of when to come into the room. As soon as the bed stopped squeaking, and the volume of the dirty talk and moans lowered, my original suitor came back into the room. It was like that door was a revolving door of hungry holes. And even though it was their apartment, these 2 guys were playing the guests, and I was led to play the mainstay.

Me and my original suitor picked up where we left off. I fucked his ass hard all over again. Even throwing in other positions besides missionary and doggy. And then he stopped me again. I decided to suck his dick. I felt it pulsating in my mouth showing his man-milk could gush from his dick at any given moment. And he knew that was the case, but he didn't seem to want to come by me sucking him. Because he stopped  me from sucking his dick, and put me on my stomach, and started eating my ass. The next thing I knew, he was dressing up his dick to enter me. And I was not about to stop him, because practically every bottom I've ever topped, I was hoping he would top me at some point. And I'm not trying to brag (OK, maybe I am), but something about my ass seems to have motivated most to top me at some point during the sex session. 
For now, this bottom was another to add to the list of bottoms that my ass has converted (at least temporarily), and I was more than willing to let him be. And he fucked me good, and then came.

Afterwards, he asked me if I wanted to come. I felt that I really didn't need to because I'm sexually satisfied when my playmate is content. But since he wanted to see me come, I jerked off. The more I rubbed his smooth skin, especially on his ass, while rubbing one out, I came closer and closer to erupting. And while I didn't see it, I could feel that my cum had shot up, and was running down my shaft like lava to a volcano. It was such a stream that it was running down my balls to in between my legs. So I guess I needed to shoot my load more than I thought.

This ended around 6 A.M., and I had a dental appointment at 10:30 A.M. So now I had to get home to the Bronx, which I did around 7 A.M. Not sleep, but nap, which I did around 7:30, because in order to get to my dental appointment, I had to leave my house at around 9:30, which means I had to wake up around 9. Luckily, I showered before leaving their place, so that saved some time. Believe it or not, I made it. Tired as hell, but I made it.

With the memory of the fun I was having as the sun was soon to come up, that filling the dentist had put in didn't feel so bad. Because one thing that can sooth a horndog's pain is the thought of what he likes best about a new sexual adventure. And for me, that's exploring. Exploring a new position, where in this case, instead of my usual place in a threesome as the one designated to get his hole filled....This time, even though I got my hole filled by the end of it, the vast majority of the playtime had me in the new position as the designated hole-filler.

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  1. That was a great sexual exprience, liked how the two roomates took turns.


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