Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It Gets Better

Yesterday on Facebook, I posted this update:

After a few comments urging me to make one, I decide to take their advice, and wrote something for the "It Gets Better" campaign.

Let's pray that what I mentioned fearing in that Facebook update does NOT come true, and these messages make the needed impact to the media, and even more so those bullied.

Now you see why I don't back down, and why as hard as many have tried....trying to break me has ALWAYS proven to be impossible.

Thanks to Chase Coxxx & Wil Group for urging me to make this video. Your urging reminded me that (as I said in "R.I.P Tre Xavier - Porn Actor: 1 Year Later") I got into porn to display myself as a man comfortable with his sexual orientation. My motive could in turn help prevent the suicide of gays, young and old. Too bad the porn industry doesn't feel the same, or else they wouldn't promote the idea of "gay-for-pay" and "straight-for-pay".

It feels good to have used the name I've made in the industry and my writing talents to possibly save a life. Unlike all the pornstars making their way to New York City right now for Hustlaball NYC, with their only drive being to make a buck, thereby showing the stereotypical prostitute mentality of "every man for himself".

"Every MAN for himself"? With their selfishness, isn't the word "man" a joke referring to these guys?

Once again, THANKS Chase, Wil, and also MOC Blog for your support.

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