Friday, October 29, 2010

as a black male, what do you think are the best bars to gogo in nyc?

Sadly, there aren't any I can recommend. Most bars seem to have a "light-complexion" only rule when it comes to go-go dancers. And with that rule, they allow a variety of body types (from twinks to muscular).
But as a Black male however, there is a serious problem in regards to racist imaging. For as a Black male, it seems you must be a muscle-bound gym-rat oaf, sometimes on the verge of looking like steroids are your meals instead of food, in order to be considered as a go-go dancer. That's part of the reason why I'm trying out at The Cock on Saturday. Because they practically NEVER have Black dancers there. So I'm urging people to come out and show their support so I can break this too-long-existing mold.

My blog may make me seem like an open book....but maybe I'm not, so ask away ;-)

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