Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Erotic Poetry: Tales Of Your Stare

Is it just me, or is this a common scenario you've experienced as a gay man....You're on a bus or train, and a supposed straight guy is checking you out?

If you're answering "YES" already, then you need to hear this little addition to the equation....the reason you can assume he's straight is because he is sitting there with a female either on his arm, leaning on him, kissing him, or feeling him up.

Now, is "YES" your final answer? Well, guess what? It is for me. I seem to get this ALOT. I'll get on the train, and I'll feel some eyes on me. When I look up to see whose energy I'm feeling directed my way, I'll realize it's a guy who has a girl right there with him.

When I write about something, it's usually because a particular situation has happened to me one time too many for me to keep quiet about it anymore. So what sparked this writing? I''ll tell you.

It happened on one of my trips back from Fire Island this past summer. While riding the Long Island Railroad, I was talking to the guy from Dirty Boy Video that I had the tryst with, and my peripheral vision caught this guy watching me the whole time I was talking. Meanwhile, his girlfriend (or wife) is leaning on his shoulder and wrapped around his arm. This really shouldn't surprise me if I listen to my friend, Marc who lives on Long Island. For he has told me that when he has hooked up with someone who lives on Long Island, they've often wound up being straight married men on the down low. After this instance, the blogger and lyricist in me got put into action, because I needed to address this. Because while he was obviously involved with this woman, truth be told, had he been riding that train solo, and staring at me that way, I would have made myself available to him to make plans with me to ride his dick like I was on a buckin' bronco, OR get my ass fucked so hard the lower muscles in my ass cheeks would have been be feeling the power of his pounding for at least a week, because the guy was HOT. BUT since I don't go for guy who I know are monogamous and/or "straight", he lost his hotness to me shortly after. For sex with a knowingly monogamous and/or straight guy is done in masturbation fantasies only. Either party trying to make it a reality, be they the aggressor or the aggressee, is ugly to me, and I'm damn sure not about my make myself ugly.

So from that gawking by a "straight" guy, my initial mutual admiration, and the reasons why it wouldn't happen came forth these lyircs:

Tales Of Your Stare
You got a stare like a dog in heat
It’s a stare that says that you want to meet
I’m flattered to see it directed my way
So much I’m at a rare lost of what to say
To fancy you is by no means a sin
But I must refuse myself to be free to give in
As my body’s craving to surely comply
Knowing there’s a woman claiming your heart at your side

Is this a cruel game being played by fate
A bond we could never peacefully consumate?
Still I see the beauty of a night in your arms
But would that be us sacrificing ourselves to some harm
She seems so blind to the kisses you blow
That make me want to scream, claim you as mine, losing all control
You need to start sharing in what I fear -
Karma whispering valid threats in the ear

See, I won’t lie
There’s a part of me that wants you so bad
I wish we could share the same pair of pants
You in me, me in you flips all day
Flippin’ the bird to what people say
There’s a part of me that wants you so bad
I wish we would lose our pair of pants
Throbs in me, throbs in you flips all night
Flippin’ the bird to all that is right

But the fact is…

The tales of your stare
Are you not aware
Your “straight” claim is a big lie
To save your “macho-pride”
The lies to both you and to her,
Man-up, deal with their hurt
So when the truth hits the fan
You’ll earn the right to hope I’ll be your man

© 2009 The L XTreme

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