Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Baby Comes Home

It's been quite a while since I wrote a ballad. You see, before my getting into the porn industry, singing and songwriting was another of the talents that I was into. In fact, I was heavy into it. So in hindsight, I realize that my involvement in porn made me more prone to erotic poetry and dimminished by openess to depth and romance. Now my retirement from porn has brought me back to the complete openess to depth and romance I once had. Maybe even more so.

That is why one day I was lying on my bed wanting to write something. Something that wasn't overflowing with eroticism like the poems in my "Erotic Poetry" category. Something that instead showed my re-discovered romanticism. I just laid there for a few minutes, and started snapping my fingers, then me humming a melody shortly followed. Now what I needed was a scenario to inspire some lyrics. That's when this line from a friend's Facebook status update popped into my head. It read:

“At home alone, missing the hubby...”

Lyrics starting coming shortly after that, but I wasn't writing them down. I totally forgot that keeping words and phrases in my head to write down later is something that works only for my commentary posts. However, for me, songs and poetry are writings that if I try to postpone writing them down, I'll forget them no matter how great they are. So I jumped up and grabbed a nearby legal pad, and started writing.

The next thing I knew, within 24 hours, "My Baby Comes Home", was born.

While it's been awhile for music, I still remember to copyright my work. So please enjoy it, respecting the fact that it's mine. Thank you.

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