Monday, December 14, 2009

Faggy Bitch

On December 4th, the daytime soap, "One Life To Live" closed showing the going-ons in different characters' lives simultaneously. One of those things was a gay-bashing.

I immediately realized how often gay-bashings are seldom done by one person. Think about it, not just gay-bashings, but practically every hate crime you hear of is done by a gang. I began to think, "Are these guys too cowardly to try beating a 'fag' up one-on-one? After all, these thugs always want to claim how much less of a man we are for being gay. So why not prove it by trying to kick our ass in a one-on-one bout?

It's because as much as they want to deny it, we are males. Therefore, we possess the same (if not more) strength and skill to defend ourselves in a one-on-one battle. And that possibility is a threat to their so-called "macho-pride". My feeling is that if it's such a threat, then maybe they should stand down, mind their own business, and just leave us be.

With this thought came the words with a melody.. And the 1st verse was born in about 30 minutes. What was the hardest part was thinking of what the 2nd verse would be. Then I thought about New York voting "No" on same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage is a topic that I have never really tackled here, nor have I participated in rallies for. And I will explain why at a later date, but the fact is the decision affected me more than I anticipated or realized. So giving birth to the 2nd verse was a total shock to me. And yes, I said giving birth, because it was like going in to labor thinking you'll be delivering 1 child. You deliver that 1 child, then you get the shock when you wonder why are you still pushing, to discover all that time you were actually pregnant with twins.

Before porn, I was always writing lyrics and poetry about romance and social awareness. Now, I never lost either, nor my desire to write about them. But I was so busy pushing the porn persona, that making my voice of social awareness heard was no longer a priority. Which is why I'm glad I quit porn, because addressing things like gay-bashing and the hypocrisy of government officials matter. They need to be addressed by greater means than tweets or little quips on your Facebook page, like many porn actors are doing, if they speak of it at all.

That's why I wrote these lyrics hoping everyone of my fellow bloggers who agree with what I say here will direct others to my calling these gay-basher and hypocritcal government officials out - on how the derogatory names they call us is really them:
(1)creating a diversion to hide how they live in secret of what we do openly, and they envy us for it, and;
(2)using us as mirrors since they hate themselves for what they are doing in perceived shadows.

This is one post of mine that I strongly encourage you to link, and pass on to friends, and pass the lyrics on to guilty parties. More so than almost anything else I've written in the past. I hope you feel that I've spoken a truth that you already know, just put in a lyrical setting. If  you don't already know this truth, then I hope that this helps you to become enlightened.

Faggy Bitch
Look at you needing a band
To make your claim that I’m not a man
You can’t beat me on your own
I guess your bitch-ass ain’t that strong
The word “fag” is your constant line
Proof that it’s so on your mind
Hating on me ‘cause I’m so true
Tells how true is so not you
You’re such a punk
You won’t beat yourself for your self-denial
Take note of your cowardice----
As it’s your own existence that’s vile

You mess of policticians
Believing all your own fiction
Claiming you’re marriage’s protection
Yet more than your spouse sees your erections
Using tax money of gay employ
To buy porn, hookers, and boy-toys
Play in the dark all you like
For what’s in the dark, comes to light
For now, hide behind Bible tales
As I’m leaving time to make you fail
For hypocrisy makes karma burn
With a lesson for you to learn

It may not be p.c.
In fighting for the rights due to me
To call you names
But I’ve grown tired of your games
You see, polite has been done for years
Yet gays are still living with tears and fears
So I’m turning the tables on you
Showing what you call me is really you

Faggy Bitch
Doth protest too much
With each gay you want to crush
That’s right I called your name
Faggy Bitch! Faggy Bitch! Faggy Bitch!
Faggy Bitch
You claim for God you’re doggin’ me
But it’s to divert from your secrecy
Envying how I’m free to be
Here I leave you to just wish and wish

Copyright 2009

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