Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Year's Eve Plan....Lustin' The Wet Boys of Baña

How are you ringing in the new year?

Well, I'll be spending it at the Baña Pool Party, where the sight of all those HOT guys in swim trunnks, speedos, bikinis, and thongs - all nice and wet will satisfy my kink for hot guys with wet bodies, as explained in "Getting Out The Kinks: Step To Me - WET!", one of my past blog post for Pitbull Productions' ThugPornBlog a couple of years ago, .

And the theme for the party is "Fire & Ice". I'm not sure if I'll have a costume yet, but you can be certain that I will at least have a sexy swimsuit to display.

So if you're going to be in NYC on New Year's Eve, spend it poolside like me, lusting the wet boys of Baña. Whether the boys get wet from the swimming pool, the sweat of the steamroom or sauna, or the combo of water and sweat by hanging in the jacuzzi, I'm looking forward to my eyes getting plenty of subjects to tickle my fancy. Add to that live entertainment, games, and an all-night open vodka and beer bar (for some that's a great supply of "liquid courage" no doubt) they will be no reason for you to not be a social butterfly.

Now, since you can't think of a sexier way to ring on the new year, get your ticket(s) to Baña here

....and if you see me, do as one hot number did at the last Baña, and say "Hello".

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