Monday, December 7, 2009

Wet™ - together

A friend asked me to sample a new product from Wet™ lube. I was curious about what this new type of lube this could be, as he never gave me details. When I went to pick up the samples, it turned out being something that never crossed my mind. It's a new lube meant for couples called, Wet™ together Ultimate Pleasure Gel for Couples.

Don't get too excited just yet. There's a catch. The lube is meant for male/female couples, not necessarily gay couples. However, I was asked to try it out to see how useful it could be for a gay couple. Not such a stretch when you consider how lube does serve a different purpose for a top and bottom in a gay encounter, just as it does for a man and a woman in a straight one.

The lube for men is meant to stimulate the penis in a way that intensifies pleasure, and maybe even prolong erections, while the lube for women is meant to stimulate her clitoris. So for my first trial, I used myself as a test subject masturbating, then confirmed it by using it with someone else.

I tried the lube for men first. I followed the instruction, specifically doing it not out of horniness, but curiosity to make my findings more accurate. You see, when I jerk-off out of horniness, I don't need a stimulant like porn, but jerking-off out of curiosity, I do. So I was limp when I first put the lube, and I was getting hard without a visual stimulant, which is unlike me. Once I did put something on, I was taken back to my 1st day on a porn set doing "Oh Boy Escorts 2" when I saw Joseph Nash, and how I got a hard-on as soon as I saw him because I took a Viagra-like herbal pill (FYI - Viagra is practically a rule of thumb on porn sets nowadays). This gel was working almost the same way.

I was later surprised to discover that its effects were absorbed into my skin, enough to linger even after a few showers. Because a couple of days after, I did have sex with an actual person. The guy from "Humbling Suck, Redeeming Fuck" to be exact. If you recall that tale, then you know the sex was AWESOME. Now you know what helped. I'm just realizing it myself, because after that encounter, I was wondering what came over me to make me fuck that guy like I've never fucked anyone before. Hence the many different positions he got fucked in for so long. This lube - at least the one for men, was working.

I did try to male lube on someone else letting him use it to masturbate. Unfortunately, I left it at his place. So I later asked for him to give it back. He has yet to respond. Gee, I wonder why?

I next tried the lube for women. This shouldn't seem so odd because as I said in my presentation for "Sex Worker Literati" my being stimulated from fucking is a lot more external than internal, so anything that enhances that external stimulation is welcome in my home, and on my hole. Well, after I put on the lube, I just laid there. To the point that I forgot that I even put it on. But I was reminded by how in a few minutes, I noticed a sensation that felt like someone was gently blowing on my asshole. It made me need to jerk-off. And when I did, I found myself doing Kegels. So I started doing what I seldom do ---- I played with my hole, but this time vigorously like you see a woman plays with her clit in straight porn videos. But I realized that wasn't enough. The sensation from that lube was making me hunger for an actual entry. This then led me to even more unusual territory in masturbating - I started fingering myself, and was doing Kegels around my finger. If it was a dick, I would have been squeezing it to try and suck the cum out of the guy's cock, which is exactly what happened when in the confirmation part of my experiment (with someone). In addition, I believe this gel made the sex even more titillating than the last time I hooked up with this guy.

So does this lube work for gay couples as well? From what I gather from my initial and confirmation playtime with each lube, I should say so.

So I advise you to WET your dicks and asses with this and get ready to get off ----TOGETHER.

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