Monday, November 30, 2009

In Lust With....Santiago Peralta

I know of the guys I've talked about in this category so far, that many of you have guys you wish I would be motivated to talk about. And I'm sure Santiago Peralta is one of them.

So what's taken me so long is the fact that I didn't want to do a piece on him like I did with Kerry Degman where I only have an idea of the cock. I wanted to see the REAL thing before talking about how much I would love to have it in me.

At long last, I finally got a chance to see it when I ventured to a website recently and came across a nude photo of him showing full-frontal. It was a pic I've been waiting to see from the first time I saw a picture of him with those luscious lips, and that amazing ass that I fantasized about massaging as it flexes while he pumps away at me in missionary and/or doggy-style.

Now finally, I know what the dick I lust to have throbbing in my ass looks like.

Some may be disappointed by the fact that it's not hard (like you could see through the wet clothes on Jamie Dominic), but my only question for a hot guy I want to get fucked by is plain and simple------got dick?

And Santiago does have dick. Also, if I'm assuming correctly based on experience, it probably grows to show the typical traits of a Latino cock. Meaning Santiago Peralta's cock grows to be a THICK DICK. A thick uncut dick that I would love to pull back that foreskin, and lick on that extra-sensitive head, making his dick muscles contract until they contract to release his man-milk all over my face and body, and I'll clean the rest of it off his dick with my mouth. A healthy treat as I'm sure his cum is protein-enriched and creamy white.

In closing, I must thank all of the readers who have been venturing to my blog from all over the world, as my "In Lust With" posts featuring Jakub Stefano and most recently, Denis Reed, are so popular that they are still getting hits all this time after their original posting. THANK YOU. You have further established how I have the best readers in the world.

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