Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting Out The Kinks: Wetsuits

This was originally going to be a post for my "In Lust With" category with the object being Ricky Berens. And if you've seen the pics of those wet hot buns exposed from that torn swimsuit, you are more than aware as to how I was inspired.

In fact, when I first saw these pics, I selected them in my Windows Photo Gallery and made a slideshow of them. That night, I beat off to the fantasy of being fucked by Ricky Berens in missionary position so I could massage that ass, and feel his ass muscles flex while he pounded me. After shooting my load, I went off to have a good night's sleep. Then come morning, I took my computer out of sleep mode, so I could see that slideshow and spew some cum again.
(And just so you know, if you click on that collage, its dimensions are 1280 x 800 pixels - perfect size for all you fellow horndogs to use as wallpaper for your computer)

As I was about to write the post I realized that it's not just about him. I've had a kink for wetsuits since my sexual awareness as a child. Whether it's the new swimsuits or the wet suits that divers and surfers wear, wet suits have always catered to my kink for hot guys being all wet, just in a different way by them wearing some kind of clothing. Plus, due to the fact that those suits are so tight, they shows the curves and contours of the body so much that you have a clear idea of what that person looks like totally naked.

No one gave us a better idea of that than Ricky Berens' teammate, Michael Phelps. In the pics from when he was introducing a swimsuit by Speedo, you can clearly see how much he's packing in the flaccid state. All that's left for your imagination to wonder is how much does it grow when that one-eyed monster is set free and is set on entering a horny, twitching, and willing hole ---- like mine, as I've fantasized often about ripping the front of that suit, and giving him a warm hole to dunk his hunk of meat in.

Let me be honest, here. In this case, I'm a stereotypical Black man in the fact that I can't swim. BUT that doesn't stop me from going to the beach and gawking at hotties in wetsuits. After all, can't we all use new fantasy material? And who knows maybe one day, I'll get to tell you a tale of how I either got boinked by a guy in a wet suit who fucked my by ripping the suit to get to his dick, OR me pounding some bottom in a wetsuit and I got to that hole by ripping the back of that suit in what may now be called, "Ricky Berens' style".
Aren't kinks and fantasies a beautiful thing?

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