Monday, August 3, 2009

Fire Island Weekend @ Daniel's 2

I just spent another weekend working for my stay at Daniel Nardicio's Home for Wayward Boys out on Fire Island. This weekend was quite different from the last. For starters, I can promise you more make-outs, sex, and cumshots than last weekend.

I was a bit nervous going out there on my own with so many transfers between trains, taxis, and ferries. You see, my last 1 times out there I was in the company of someone else. Last week, I came out there with Daniel after a party he had at the bar, The Hose. And a few Saturdays before that I accompanied my friends that I was supporting for their appearance, singer Lovari and advice diva Robbyne Kaamil. Well, I made it there at my planned arrival time of 10 AM. I was more prompt traveling completely away from New York City than I was going to my former day job at Kenyon & Kenyon. Like I pretty much said in that post, when I'm going somewhere I really want to go, and is made worth my while, I will be for the most part - prompt.

Once there, I knew the routine of placing fliers all over the island, What I didn't count on was this week's fellow helper not being as efficient as the Englishman I mentioned working with last week. So to make a long story short, the same can't be said for my walk around the entire island, as I was the for the most part the only one putting up fliers for the Underwear Party that day. That took me about 4 hours, so needless to say, afterwards I was tired.

I did have a big awakening later on. In the form of a young (at least at that moment) cute guy with a nice body and wearing speedos coming into the room Daniel let me stay in with the dancers. I had no idea of who Daniel hired to dance, and no other dancers had shown up by that time, so when he said that he was hired to dance, I let him in. I have to admit that I knew immediately when I saw him that we were going to wind up fucking before the weekend was over. It became solidified figuratively, as my cock did literally when he came close to me, and started rubbing on me. Thus begins our make-out session. He then bluntly asked me, "Do you want to fuck me?"

With my past as a dancer for Daniel, I told him I did, but he should reserve his sexual energy for when he dances. I tried getting some rest, while he sat on his supposed bed a bit wound claiming he was tired but didn't want to sleep. I decided to take some advantage of the situation, and figured if he laid with me, the horniness that had him wound up would subside. Well either the weekend went by quick, or I didn't even wait an hour, because as we laid there with him on top of me as I rubbed his smooth back, and slipping into his speedos for a feel of his ass, I told myself, "Fuck that wait!"

I got him off of me so I could get a condom a lube from my bag, We both got undressed, he got on all fours on the bed, and I ate him out, making him moan like crazy. I then lubed up his nice tight hole and my wrapped up cock, and went in for the kill, and fucked him missionary. And he grabbed my ass just like I love a bottom to do when I'm topping him. I then pulled out and we jerked off together, and we ended spraying both of our loads all over his torso. So I ended up christening the room for fucking. And with that accomplishment in mind, I had me a nice nap until I had to return to work later at the party.

I later discovered that this guy was a hustler, and wasn't a dancer for Daniel at all. As much as I hate being lied to, when I think about the fact that his asshole most likely wound up being loosey-goosey by whoever else he was going to hustle for the day, I take solace in knowing I got to plow it at a time where it was tight enough to get off.

At the Underwear Party, Daniel asked me to check in on the Real Touch Theater that was set up. I told guys who came in about how it works, some sampled it with their fingers, while others who wanted to sample it with their cocks were apprehensive, which is why I brought condoms along. Some pretty hot guys were coming back there, so it was my pleasure to help them out - especially with the perk being that I get to see how much meat is being confined to those undies.

In between, my checking in on the Real Touch Theater, I made out with a few hotties. One older guy with an amazing body happens to live in New York City, so I wouldn't mind 1 get-together or more with him, because one major turn-on for me is when older guys don't let their bodies go. If they show themselves to have a nice personality as well, why shouldn't they be rewarded with a hot roll in the hay when you know you can provide it. I did give him my card, so I hope he decides to collect.

That was just Friday's happenings. Wait until Wednesday to find out what happened on Saturday. So on Hump Day, find out who humped who this past Saturday.

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