Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Fire Island Weekend @ Daniel's

This past weekend, I went to Daniel Nardicio's Home for Wayward Boys as part of his work-study program where I was stayed at the house in exchange for working for him with duties like distributing fliers throughout Cherry Grove and The Pines early Friday, which considering how many walkways there are in The Pines, it was a good thing that I had the help of the cute Englishman who was the other participant in the work-study program.

Friday night was the Underwear Party at The Ice Palace. In the past, I have been a go-go boy at some of Daniel's parties. This time, I got to see the party from a whole other prospective. Being the go-go boy was the easy part. That night, I help set up the platforms for the go-go boys, and co-man the door. That changed however when the line for the clothes-check got so long that the clothes-check attendant needed help, so I then became a clothes-check attendant. After that, I was asked to relieve the cashier so he could go on a bathroom break. So I got to see the party from all the hectic points of view as a doorman, clothes-check attendant, and cashier all within one hour's time.

I did go into the Real Touch Theater near the end of the night and give it a try. It just so happens that the movie that was playing was one of my many European favorites, Bareback Gang Bang Nr. 1. And it was playing at just the right scene where one of my favorite performers was about to pound the ass of the bottom. Part of the reason why I like that actor so much is because he bares a resemblance to the tall Swede from my blog post, Sexy Sweet Swedes. Although my fantasies have always had me being pound by that actor, what made the Real Touch hot was getting an idea of what he would be feeling if his hot cock was throbbing and sliding back and forth in my ass. I will admit that a drawback to the Real Touch is the noise it makes from all the gears turning. However, that didn't stop me from having to pull out, because had I continued, a big load would have been deposited inside that Real Touch. Although that near busting a nut could have been because of the fun I had earlier with some of the patrons.

Saturday was Daniel's WFAG Radio show. I was asked to help set up the house for the cocktail party that takes place during the radio show. Not expecting at all to be a part of the broadcast, but I did. I'll get into how that came about in Thursday's post that I will try to make as brief as possible.

What I will continue to tell about that day was the fact of who showed up at the cocktail party, but Dominic Ford. I neglected to inform you that we did speak briefly before when I was at Daniel's house on Fire Island before to support my friend, Lovari during his appearance on WFAG Radio. We didn't say much, but no evil glances or unkind words were exchanged between us. For the most part, the matter between us sparked by my blog posts was close to done.

Saturday however, we had a very long talk about the industry, and after that long talk, I must say that while I did write a blog post about a possible apology, I am making it official today that I am making a total apology to Dominic Ford, because I now clearly see his efforts and applaud them.

In our discussion, we discussed how when he uses Black models, his numbers don't go up, in fact sometimes, his subscriptions lessen. I seem to be getting more and more like the Barbara Walters of gay porn because, I don't think he was ready for my next question - one I feel was totally harmless, but unexpected. Since he just released his 1st DVD of scenes, I asked him which seems to be more profitable, the website or the producing of the DVD. I asked this because a good number of porn subscribers that so many of these sites are catering to are actually Midwestern redneck racist hicks, hence why his numbers either make no improvement or go down when he uses a Black model. Also, in that part of the country is where they have to keep not just their homosexuality, but their sexuality in general as a dirty little secret.

As for his reply to my question, Dominic told me to get back to him in 6 months which is when the numbers will be in well enough for him to have a definite answer.

What inspired my apology is Dominic's willingness to address this issue, and for that I have a great deal of respect for him. Michael Lucas knows of the things I say about him, but he's so high on himself that he's never tried defending himself knowing full well that people are agreeing with me wholeheartedly. The fact that Dominic Ford tried to settle this matter to the extent of offering a face-to-face discussion says a great deal to me about who between them has character and who has none. Therefore who of them deserves to be the next step in gay porn, and who should hang it up (no matter how many papers and magazines turn themselves into rags by commending him).

All this fun and excitement made my return home on Sunday become a day of my brain needing a rest. As for the how I wound up on the air during the radio show, remember to tune in Thursday for that bit. Until then....

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  1. Gewd - one of the things which always brings me back to your blog, now that I've discovered it, is not only your brainpower, but the fact that you lead one of THE most interesting lives I've ever come across Tré!
    It's so much fun living vicariously through you!


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