Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dance to "Touch/So Much Betta"

Do you remember my blog post, "Mainstream To Porn: Video Proof"? It included a video of me dancing to some choreography I did for a singer back in 2002, which is the same year I figured out my orientation and came out all in the same breath. I always hated that video, because I always knew that if the singer gave me the songs in a decent amount of time, I could have done much better with the choreography.

For some time, I've been itching to make another video to show off my dancing and choreography skills, and show that my existence goes beoynd the porn persona of "Tré Xavier". I had the idea to do it about a year ago. I was going to use the song, "So Much Betta" by Janet Jackson from her album, "Discipline". The problem is I got sidetracked, and it was always on my mind to do it, but I never buckled down to make it happen, because I was too busy making noise with this blog about the wrongs in the gay porn industry and the gay community.

As you can see, I'm still making noise, so what changed?

The fact that I'm still making noise, but the fight is no longer consuming me, because I've reached the point with the gay porn industry and community to leave it to be it's own worst enemy and destroy itself by way of those wrongs. This left me time to do what I really enjoy in life - performing. And it allowed my itch to go back to mainstream performing grow more all the time.

Recently, I signed into MySpace and read the bulletins. One of the bulletins was from past American Idol finalist, Jim Verraros. He was announcing his new single, "Touch (Don't U Want 2)" being available on iTunes. I opened up iTunes on my computer, typed in his name in the search box, saw the song title, clicked on it to hear the 30-second sample, and I immediately started seeing dance moves in my head.

That's when I told myself, "You have got to redeem yourself from that last video. And this is the song to do it with".

This past week, I booked dance studio time for 2 days. To rehearse on the 1st day, then rehearse and record on the 2nd. During the 1st day, I made a last minute change, and decided to make a medley using the "Touch (Don't U Want 2)", and "So Much Betta" since that was the song that started me on this idea in the 1st place. So I started putting together the medley cutting out parts of both songs. Then on the 2nd day in the dance studio, I did the choreography for the section of the medley that features "So Much Betta".

During the time of planning this video, my biggest music and dance inspiration, Michael Jackson died. So when it came time for me to edit the video, it was only right that I dedicate it to his memory. Because without growing up watching him, I wouldn't have been motivated to sing or dance.

Note: I used my pre-porn stage name for this, because after my days in porn are over, I will be going back to it. So take this as an opportunity to start getting used to it.

I think that's enough talk. So here's the video. Enjoy.

I've been told by family and friends that the 1st video is nothing compared to this one. In fact, my Mom's exact words to describe the differences between the 2 were, "That 1st one was a virgin. This one here ---- is a whore-monger."

Do you agree? I hope so ;-)

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