Monday, July 27, 2009

For MOC Blog: What The Blatino Awards Aren't

Recently, I saw on a couple of gay porn news sites, posts about FlavaMen's Blatino Awards. You might recall my post announcing it and how I was supposed to be a judge for the event. In reasons explained in my interview with Papi Chulo, I have severed my ties with FlavaWorks. Seeing these posts made me need to vent as to why I have no regrets regarding my decision, so I wrote an email to my friend, Victor Hoff of MOC Blog doing so. In response, he asked me to write a post expressing those emotions. I hope you will find this piece enlightening enough to spread the word. Thank you.

Tré Xavier: What The Blatino Awards Aren't

1 comment:

  1. I posted this comment on the MOC blog... but I leave it here for completeness...

    My first thoughts were "unredacted" - what a brilliant word!

    After that, I really have little to add, except to applaud you for the stand you are making. I won't lie... I watch more than my fair share of the videos you dislike, although I really do have a wide variety of other works in my collection. Fact is, it's kinda hard to find much else.


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