Friday, July 10, 2009

Dominate Me, Mr. Dominic

The 1st time I did a blog entry for my "In Lust With" category, someone snidely commented on how the object of my lust, Kerry Degman was not as well-endowed as he seems. I still stand by my original findings because even though there is no serious matter involved in that post, I still treated it like all my others by not making a claim without closely examining the evidence. In this case that evidence are hot pics of Kerry Degman.

But if this person wants to dispute those findings about Kerry Degman, he can't dispute them about Jamie Dominic. I was reminded of this when I recently saw that Beautiful blog did a post about him, and remembered that We Love Guys have done a number of posts about him as well. Hmmmm, I wonder why?

Could it be that unlike Kerry Degman, there is little to the imagination as to whether Jamie Dominic is a grower or shower? Comparing a closer look at the pics of Jamie from the Undergear catalog to the other shot photographed by Rick Day, it's an undeniable fact that Jamie Dominic is a grower.
And what a GROWER he is!

I have always said that I am not a size queen, and in no way encourage others to make cock size a requirement in sexual partners, on or off-camera. However, that doesn't mean I can't be fascinated by a thick dick. And such is the case here.

My fantasy of being dominated by Jamie Dominic is not only because of the thought of that small flaccid Vienna sausage somehow getting into my hole, and stretching my hole as that Vienna sausage becomes a hot and ready-to-nut Polska kielbasa....'s THOSE EYES.

I feel like he should star in a vampire movie with those eyes, and make me the object of his seduction. I can't say "victim", because after all, you can't rape the willing. And willing to gaze into those eyes while getting fucked mercilessly with that big dick is what I would most certainly be.

And I can't talk about lusting for someone without talking about the body part that is somewhat of a requirement for me - that ass.

Come on, look at it. Doesn't that sight make every bottom reading this want want to lay on their back and massage that ass while being dominated by Mr. Dominic? And every top reading this wants to bang into it to see if it bounces on impact? And us versatile guys, are free to imagine a good flip-fuck. Me personally, can imagine only 2 minutes as a top, but the rest of the time (hopefully at least an hour) would be me as my power bottom self. BUT, not without eating it out as an appetizer.

Hey, you see the pics. Combine everything you see of Jamie Dominic here, do I have any reason to fantasize otherwise?

1 comment:

  1. No reason to fantasise otherwise as far as I can tell.

    Hotness... personified.


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