Thursday, March 5, 2009

Craving Some Stick Of The Staff

As the weekend comes upon us, many are making plans to go out to bars, clubs, parties, or events. I myself an considering attending the Baña Pool Party. All of these places have staffers like bartenders, door people, go-go dancers, etc who are considered extremely attractive by many. They are all eye candy that incite many a fantasy, and with winter being the way it is here in New York , coat check people are included as those gorgeous staffers as well. I’m sure many who have been to Frisky Fridays at Sugarland have drooled over Jarrod, or the variety of cuties that having working the coat check at Splash Bar. And in the case of a sex party, that coat check becomes a clothes check, and I recently came across someone who inspired my analyzing how many of us lust for the gorgeous staffers.

It was at the SPAM Party that I mentioned in my last post. He was around my height. He appeared to be around my age as well, in his 30s. Maybe even in his early 40s. If I ever find out that he is in his mid 40s or beyond, I’m going to be more pissed that my fantasy with him did not come to fruition. When I went to check in, he was fully dressed in a black t-shirt and black jeans. He was polite, and I did think he was quite cute. The thought of playtime with him at that moment however was just a flash in my mind, so I went on to playing elsewhere.

When you first walk in, it’s set up a bit like a maze. Some little areas, and some bigger areas to play in. Most of them with peep-holes, or glory-holes, depending on how you want to use them. I did meet up with the muscled hottie, and we slipped into one of the smaller areas. We somehow managed to put on quite a show. I say "somehow" because he was hitting me from the back, but the most anyone could see was his back as he thrusted into my ass. Maybe it was the sight of his muscular sweaty back and the sounds of my liking his cock sliding in and out of me that keep people around. I know that I for one can get off on hearing hot people fucking be they male or female. In fact, while this stud was doing me, I was also getting off on hearing a lesbian a few yards away getting done by her sex partner. Afterwards, we got a much needed and well-deserved drink of water. Not too long after, we got decided to leave.

When I got to the clothes check, this time the attendant was in a different suit – his birthday suit. When he saw me hand him my ticket, he said, “Oh, you’re leaving me?”

He then walked away to get my clothes. During this time I could see that he was hiding a nice little fit body under that t-shirt and jeans he had one earlier. His stomach didn’t have six-pack abs, but it didn’t have flab either. And here I am about to leave when I see look and see that below his waist is a nice tight ass and a thick cock. Both of which brought to the forefront of my mind the thought that flashed in my head earlier of having some playtime with him. For some reason, I felt myself get bold, and tell myself that I’m going to respond to that with more than a simple “yes”, and that I was going to let him know that he had a shot at me if he had wanted it. So when he returned with my clothes, I said, “I wouldn’t leave, but you gave me no choice because you never came out to play.”

He smiled and said, “Well, someone has to mind the store.”

That was unfortunate. Because there was something about him that made me want to fuck his ass, but even more so, fuck his cock like there was no tomorrow. So much so that I’ve been beating my meat to the fantasy of sex with him ever since. I would have loved for him to take me back to one of those rubber-sheeted beds, let me lay down with my heels pointed to heaven, and let everyone see him pound away at me until his sprays his jizz all over me giving me a cumbath no one in attendance will ever forget.

It wouldn’t have been the 1st time I had some degree of sex with a staffer. Some may recall the disappointing play time with that bartender a little more than a year ago at The Cock. Or what I never mentioned was my making out with one of the clothes-check guys at one of Daniel Nardicio's parties. But with both of those parties, I had the advantage of working a gig, so that made access to them easier. However, there was my fuck session with an attendant at the Bana Pool Party (who got a reminder of how good it was a couple of months ago), as well as the Lean Muscle Party I wrote about some time ago. There a few hot guys surrounded me and took turns sucking my dick. One of them turned out being the clothes-check attendant.

So will I ever wind up getting to ride the stick of a staffer again? You never know. Because I think I almost had a shot last week at The Urge. A go-go boy asked me 2 odd questions for a go-go bo to ask a patron unless there was something else on the mind beside being polite to the clientele:
(1)"Where do you live?".

And after I told him The Bronx he asked (2)"Do you have to go to work tomorrow?"

I think my answer of "Yes" is why this part of the post is not an actual sex tale.

Well, it's a fantasy I'm sure many of you have, and should it ever happen to me, I will try to update you. That is if I can tear myself away from what I'm hoping to be epic sex. So go out and safely get yours this weekend.

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