Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Potential Office Booty

I was at the NY Jock Party, and I went behind a curtain. There was a bed there, this guy turned around and looked at me. He immediately started touching on me, and I wasn’t mad at him for it. He was tall, nice fit build, and a hot ass. A thought flashed through my mind of who he looked like, but I quickly put it out of my mind. Mainly because I was so into him that I could care less at the time.

About a week after, one day while at my day job, I went to the bathroom. There was an attorney there that I've always thought was pretty good-looking. He was next to me washing his hands, and suddenly an image flashed in my mind. The image was the tall guy I fooled around with at the NY Jock Party. I then remembered how while at the party, that I had a thought of who the tall guy there looked like. Now, I see - it was this attorney.

The story might get even more scandalous.
You see, UNLESS I'M MISTAKEN, I remember that attorney wearing a gold wedding band when he first started working there. The reason I can easily be mistaken is because I hardly see this man come out of his office. It's only been recently that I've suddenly started running into him more often. I also try not to lust for married, so I could have seen a gold wedding band, and put the thought of sex with him out of my head. I have nothing against straight married men. It's just that I like to have my fantasies to not include a man lying to himself.

Since my suspicions that this tall guy is an attorney at my day job, I've started looking to see if I see a gold wedding band on his finger. I just saw him this past Friday, and if it is him I can be pleased to report that there was no gold wedding band. BUT he's been there a couple of years, so that doesn't mean there never was one. After all, I do have a great memory. And the possibility that there could have been a ring can be a scary thought considering what happened at the club.

After a quick glance of admiring each other, me and the tall guy started making out. It was like we couldn't get enough of each other. Remember, my thing for the tall and slim - it was being satisfied here. He laid me down on the bed, and got on top of me. He started dry humping me. I've been dry humped, but only as a part of foreplay. This guy was doing it in a way where he did it so hard and passionate that it appears that he was really trying to shoot his load. And while I love the sensation of a wet cock sliding back and forth in my ass, I do love my 2 eyes looking into the 1 eyes of a cock as it cries that load of white creamy tears called "semen". So if he did come, I wouldn't have been annoyed. It was just new to see someone dry hump so vigorously. In fact, he was going at it so, I was compelled to wrap my legs around him, and that made guys start to gather around because they thought we were actually fucking.

Looking back, accompanying a fear of diseases, being married makes perfect sense as a reason to perform frottage. He did later try to actually fuck me though. I was going down on a guy, and I could see him out of the corner of my eye standing behind me. He kept massaging my ass, and playing with my hole. Then he suddenly disappeared. But I wasn't worried for some reason. I think my sixth sense knew his intentions and that would lead him back, and he did return. My peripheral vision saw the condom in his hand, and I went back to giving the blowjob. Then what I wanted from the first time I saw this tall, slim hottie happened - he started fucking me. He didn't do it long, and that was my call, not his. But I was glad he got in me at all before the night was over.

I have already seen people from my day job at clubs and events. In fact, not too long ago, I did mention seeing a co-worker at the D-List Radio recording at Patricia Field’s store. But if this is my most recent run-in with a co-worker. This may be seen as a tad bit scandalous. Hence why I've limited my description of this attorney.

I have an idea of how to find out if that guy at the party and the attorney at my day job are one and the same. I have to look this guy right in the eye and say "Hello". If it's him, I'll either get a friendly greeting with a glimmer because he's glad to be remembered, or he'll look like a deer in headlights while either returning my greeting or saying nothing at all. No matter what, the deer in headlights scenario will be a dead giveaway. But what if he responds by returning my greeting, AND makes it clear that he wants another shot? Will I say "No"? Being the lust bucket who can practice discretion that I am, I doubt I'd say no. Since we hardly run into each other, there would be nothing wrong with having someone in the office that you're giving up some booty to. Just maybe not giving it up in the office.

But like I said, I have to first confirm as to whether on not it's him. Stay tuned.


  1. Well, much to my delight, I am no longer working at that firm, so I can't do my thorough investigation.

    However, if he was that attorney, since we no longer have the same workplace in common to worry about, should I run into him again-----I am going to massage his ass and squeeze his dick with my hole until I milk it bone dry.


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