Saturday, March 7, 2009

Signs Of My Arrival?

A few months ago, I was approached by Flavaworks to do a book review for them. The book was entitled, "Flesh To Flesh". I never knew exactly when the review was going to be published. I found it totally by accident when I looked through the Winter 2008 issue of FlavaMen magazine. I saw the picture on the right on the page after the photospread of Vishus, and said to myself, "Oh, they have an advertisement for the book that I reviewed."

Then I realized that it wasn't an ad - it was the actual review.

Now, I'm not going to tell you what I thought of it. Good or bad, you know I was honest. You'll just have to pick up a copy of that issue of FlavaMen, and find out for yourself. And get a few hot guys to beat your meat to in the process.

When the author of ULTIMATE STARZ, Owen Keehnen, asked me to help promote the book, I was more than happy to. After all, he took notice of me when I was less known than I am now. So I feel I owe him that.

My original plans to do an elaborate slideshow with a voiceover were thwarted because I just didn't have the time to dedicate to it like I wanted to. So my apologies to Owen for biting off more than I can chew.

Here's something to think about - if I was willing to put that much effort into promoting this book, then this book must be worth your time and money. Especially when you consider that I'm getting off by being informed about other actors as well.

I got my copy. So go get yours to get off.

What I am really anticipating most right now is March 20th. It's the day this blog comes alive because I'll be doing a Q & A at the LGBT Center.

As my way of throwing people's ignorance in their faces, I used Wolf Hudson's line from our debate in some comments at Gay Porn Times as part of the ad you see where I said, "I'll come from behind my computer....". It's the same debate that inspired my post, "To Wolf Hudson's Challenge I Say....".

Speaking of Gay Porn Times, J.C. Adams was kind of enough to feature a post about my Q & A here.

So with that being Black Party weekend, I'm sure some of you who live outside of NY will be in town. So if you want a piece of my mind - naughty or nice, make my live Q & A a stop along the way.

I have found these past couple of months to be quite a busy one for me. I believe they may be my busiest yet in all the nearly 4 years in this business. Between the recent coverings on the gay porn news sites, like Fleshbot, Gay Porn Times, and The Sword, and what I have the things I have to promote here today, I wonder if these are these signs of my arriving in the adult entertainment industry after being a much ignored entity that is at long last become a name to take notice of. As always, time will tell the tale.

I hope to see you take part in all of these things, and that I'll continue to make you proud. Thank you.

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  1. You arrived the day, six or so years ago, when you came out to yourself. You took all of those horrible emotions - fear, self-loathing, insecurity - and tossed them out of the window so you could become the person you were always meant to be. All of this stuff, while laudatory, is mere window dressing. You're an accomplished person, Tre, and I consider it an honor to call you my friend.


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