Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Am "Ted Knowles"

As my friend, Ka-os pointed out in his recent post, "Black Models Won't Appear In Gay Films", the story that inspired this post is already making some waves on the internet. And the reason it's making some waves is because we all know that the male (not man) who inspired Ka-os' post is ONCE AGAIN FULL OF SHIT. I'm just glad I got to see someone else call him on it, besides me. I just wish someone else in the industry would be this ballsy. And if you have and I've overlooked you, my apologies. Just PLEASE let me know so I can properly acknowledge I have a comrade within the industry, along with the many I have outside of it.

As you see in the post, Ka-os knowing me so well baited me into replying (as if he really had to work hard over this subject matter). This is what I had to say:

I actually did call Michael Lucas on his shit AGAIN, as I did in a comment on a post from his blog last month looking for models under the name "Ted Knowles":

It's sad to say that it's the only comment of it's kind on that post. There should be more.

I'm disgusted by the fact that an immigrant has come to my birthplace of NYC, and made it look like a light-skinned only world where medium to dark complexions are a rarity. Michael Lucas has only put more blacks in his movies because the momentum against his hypocrisy is building, so he needed to do damage control. But thanks to post like yours, he'll be called on his shit AGAIN. Thanks.

People are getting tired of the racism in gay porn, pure and simple. And people are fighting back. Maybe my speaking out on it as often as I have lit the fuse. If so, it's the reason I have never regretted saying anything. Because I knew this day would come.

While working on this post, I discovered, he replied to my comment as "Ted Knowles". I used that name because I suspected that if he saw "Tre Xavier", that comment would never see the light of day. I have recently discovered that he knows who I am, and is more than aware of my disdain for the way he operates. By calling myself "Ted Knowles", and leaving no website or blog address, I'm sure Michael felt he was dealing with someone who couldn't respond back as vehemently and even more so, truthfully as I can - if at all. BUT I WILL NOW!

Now, he can call my comments "moronic" all he wants. Truth be told, if Michael Lucas thinks he hasn't been a racist, then he's the moron. Because at the end of this post HERE, he says, "I have hundreds of models of different races applying, and have to choose maybe one out of every ten applicants that fit the 'Lucas Man' profile (fit, muscular, handsome, regardless of race)."

"Fit and muscular", he says. Does that apply to ALL of his models or just his BLACK models. Because the last time I checked, Jason Crew was not that muscular, and he has used some White models over the years whose build very much bordered on being twinkish, but never in a Black model. And if you want to use the "fit and muscular" creedo, then forget about me. Why have I discovered that I am not the only Black porn actor who has been given the run-around by Lucas Entertainment when they don't have a thug-look to them either, YET they are fit and muscular? I would name them, but this post needed such an urgent response, I couldn't wait to get their permission.

I have heard many claims that Michael Lucas uses a good number of men of color in his movies. And I have always wondered how deaf, dumb, and blind these people are. They are most likely not seeing it because they are just the type who benefit from it. Be it by way of working for him, and/or by feeling "their kind" is represented. When in fact, he does what most West Coast studios do. Use dark-complexions as tokens, and lighter complexions a tad more to simply not upset the light-skin color scheme. But they're still Black, so they believe that it looks like they're practicing racial equality. Well, you guys - we beg to differ.

We are in an age where tokenism is spotted more easily all the time. And the reason Michael's getting judged so harshly is because here in New York, due to it's diversity in colors and intermingling of cultures more than most places in the U.S., that tokenism is not taken to very well. And it shouldn't be anywhere in this country. Because it is an insult to our intelligence.


  1. "People are getting tired of the racism in gay porn" Mr.Tre Xavier , I think you have too much time on your hands , your blogs are ridicules .... no one knows who you even are yet you claim to be this gay community personality ....
    WHO THE FUCK CARES WHO MICHAEL LUCAS CASTS ... and when did being a D list porn star become such an honor???? maybe failed actors such as yourself who have ended up in porn should wake up and smell the coffee .... it's freaking porn.... it's not being shown in tribeca film festival and you are far from being a star.

  2. First of all, I must not be so D-list if it brought your bigoted bitch-ass here on a Sunday morning. The post went up at 12:01 AM, and already here you are defending ignorance as "Anonymous" because you're too much of a coward to put a name. Ever heard of creativity? Anyway, a D-list porn actor wouldn't cause someone to spring into action so soon.

    And YES, it is "freaking porn", but it is an art-form, and if one sells their art claiming it's indicative of an area like NYC, then they should do so correctly. Especially, if your name carries as much notoriety as Michael Lucas. I'm a perfectionist, and when I'm a part of a company or an industry, be it as just a minion or at the top, I demand correctness from everyone involved. So if people don't want me to make any noise, THEN DON'T FUCK IT UP.

    Lastly, if you're going to come to my blog and ATTEMPT to insult me, try learning how to spell. Even if I don't agree with your point, I'd have more respect for it if you show me you're an intellectual. A supposed adult who can't spell the word "ridiculous"? An intellectual, you are not. NEXT?!

  3. I may not be the best speller , but I do have a career that is not in your "art" form porn .... please spare me the pathetic attempt to make yourself feel better.... LOL ... I may be anonymous but at least I don't hide behind a screen name "Tre Xavier" .... who are we kidding here.... I have a friend who was bored and found your pathetic blog and he forwards me links as a joke because you are so sad that it is funny....

    I understand this is your life ... but come on... spare us the activism in gay porn ... maybe you should get a hobby? crochet ? glass blowing? maybe that will keep you busy ....

    P.S. I was wrong to call you a D list porn star... you are more like an F list porn wannabe ....
    sorry but reality bites ~! :)

  4. Now, I could easily delete your comments, but as you can see, they are still here. It is because I want to put your stupidity on display. The fact that you ventured here shows that whether I'm a D or F list porn actor, in your heart of hearts you know ( like many of my readers do) that what I say to be. And you try to discredit it because you fear what I say picking up enough steam that I become an A-lister.

    So you see, the more you come back, the more you need to make a discrediting comment with your self-delusional "I'm better than you" attitude THAT CAN EASILY BE DISPROVED, the more power you give me.

    So my advice to you, is don't come back, because it only shows how much of a faggot (instead of a gay man) that you are. You see, a gay MAN knows when to stop, a fag is so busy seeking some degree of attention that he doesn't know when to quit. As I am man enough to tell you, this ends here. I'm not subjecting my readers to your cowardice and mindless banter. Grow a pair or be gone. Thank you.

  5. Great post Tré - Lucas made some truly offensive comments that needed to be addressed. Better that it's addressed by someone in the industry who can intelligently articulate their feelings on the subject. If no one speaks out against this kind of thing it just flourishes - too many people (especially "faggots") have the attitude "who the fuck cares". you ain't part of the solution, you're part of the problem...

  6. Kid P,

    "Faggot" is a derrogatory word. And I use it as such to describe a loathesome gay male. The difference between a faggot and a gay man is one that I made clear. And it takes careless judgemental behavior to not take note of that. Plus, it is MY BLOG, therefore it is my perogative to do so, and the fact that it makes sense justifies my doing it even more so.

    And if I'm so annoying, then what brings you here?
    You know this is one stop while net-surfing where you won't get me selling you bullshit studio propaganda.

    So say you hate me all you want, because we know it's the fact that you can't deal is what you truly hate.


I HIGHLY respect those willing to stand behind their comments with a name. So if you use "Anonymous" on a viewpoint that challenges mine, IT WILL BE DELETED. For your cowardice to not show yourself makes your viewpoint and you irrelevant.

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