Monday, February 11, 2008

RealTALK! Live Interview on February 14th

Although the person that I am has not been recognized by mass adult media outfits like AVN or Fleshbot, I love doing what I do and showing the heart that I have which is something pornstars are not advertised as having. So when Papi Chulo recently invited me for an interview on RealTALK! LIVE with Big Ceaz, I wouldn't dare say "No", because he is one of those few people who took note of why I write this blog. To show us adult entertainers as being more than just sexual creatures, but human beings with a heart, mind, and soul.

Let me first admit my fault in why this is just happening now, while Papi Chulo has been a friend of mine on both MySpace and DList for quite some time. Papi Chulo contacted me wanting to start a Yahoo! Fan Group in my honor back in August. I finally got back to him last week. After seeing numerous MySpace bulletins about interviews with other celebs in both adult and mainstream entertainment. We had a fun conversation where I felt so comfortable that I was trying not to give too much away to him right then, and leave room for him to discover something new about me during an interview.

What I'm looking forward to most is undoing the stereotype many studios carelessly put out there about porn actors. Booking them for interviews for them to sell the sex, and nothing else. Nothing about what made them who they are. For 1), as I stated earlier, my blog disputes that theory of porn actors being just sex object; and 2) every interview I have ever done so far is one where either they freely appraoched me, or I seeked them out. I have no exclusivity to a studio that makes it their call as to who I get interviewed by or make an appearance for. I am a porn actor who is in power of himself. Practically all of the big names right now can't say the same. So their notoriety has come at a price.

I may get deeper into this and other matters, but definitely fun ones when the interview takes place LIVE this Thursday from 11 PM - 1 AM (Eastern Standard Time). Call in because I would love to hear what you want to know about me that I haven't talked about already in my blog. The number will be (646) 200-0752. And if you miss it, you can go to the website and hear it later on.

Listen to Real Talk With Big Ceaz on internet talk radio

When it's the audience turn for the Q & A, I'll be waiting for your call.

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